Message from Jones Malone in tradworker #tradworker

2017-11-02 01:14:20 UTC  

Wait. You're moving from TN to FL?

2017-11-02 01:14:48 UTC  


2017-11-02 01:15:03 UTC  

Ah. Cesar's already got your ticket.

2017-11-02 01:15:21 UTC  

Yeah I’m good to go

2017-11-02 01:15:38 UTC  

Now if I can only get the rest of the Party leadership to do these tickets, we'll really be in business.

2017-11-02 01:15:46 UTC  

You guys are fast

2017-11-02 01:16:00 UTC  


How do I get my TN membership list?

2017-11-02 01:16:51 UTC  

@parrott who's the Kentucky party leader?

2017-11-02 01:17:38 UTC  

Your best bet with these questions is to log into the Action Portal and ask in your Regiment's forum.

2017-11-02 01:18:21 UTC  

We can't just send lists of outstanding members in an area to other members, for security and vetting reasons. But with your Colonel and the Action Portal, you should be able to get integrated.

2017-11-02 01:19:49 UTC  

@parrott can i join the TWP without my membership being public cause uncle shlomo wont be to happy if you can guess my occupation

2017-11-02 01:20:19 UTC  

I'm on the action portal. This is C (TN's Major), and I have yet to be able to get a roster. I've made a couple posts in the portal, with no responses...

2017-11-02 01:21:33 UTC  

I'm not chomping at the bit, if things are still being worked on, but we are doing things on a weekly basis out here, and it would be nice to be able to invite all the TN Party members to things.

2017-11-02 01:22:51 UTC  

The Leadership Dashboard won't be deployed for another few days.

2017-11-02 01:22:56 UTC  


2017-11-02 01:23:17 UTC  

Is there a Member Forum like the Supporter Forum? All I see is Supporter and my regiment

2017-11-02 01:23:18 UTC  

It'll have a nice thing for you to be able to message and contact folks in your zone.

2017-11-02 01:23:33 UTC  

I wasnt even aware this existed

2017-11-02 01:23:41 UTC  

If you're a dues-paying member in good standing, you should see the Member Forum.

2017-11-02 01:23:50 UTC  

It just started existing yesterday.

2017-11-02 01:23:56 UTC  


2017-11-02 01:24:22 UTC  

I registered a few weeks ago and paid, my ticket was approved by Cmdr. Davis a few days ago

2017-11-02 01:24:56 UTC  

I’ll be paying dues next week

2017-11-02 01:25:01 UTC  

Are you logging in with the gmail one or the tutanota one?

2017-11-02 01:25:34 UTC  

The account is @Hadrian14

2017-11-02 01:26:22 UTC

2017-11-02 01:26:29 UTC  

Russian student killed teacher and posted a selfie. After an hour he committed suicide.

2017-11-02 01:26:44 UTC  

Sure you're not logging into the "hadrian" account?

2017-11-02 01:26:59 UTC

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2017-11-02 01:27:12 UTC

2017-11-02 01:28:40 UTC  

That’s cute

2017-11-02 01:28:42 UTC

2017-11-02 01:28:48 UTC  

Aha. I found the glitch.

You'll need to log out and log back in again to find the Member channel.

2017-11-02 01:29:06 UTC  


2017-11-02 01:29:08 UTC  

Don't expect it to be very active, given that it just became accessible 45 seconds ago.

2017-11-02 01:29:24 UTC  

I see it now

2017-11-02 01:29:50 UTC  

Yeah I don't expect much there now, just wanted to make sure it was working as long as there was an admin nearby

2017-11-02 01:30:03 UTC  


2017-11-02 01:31:03 UTC  

When I get on the NFunity page, I can't even find the forum anymore...