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the audio industry thrives on that shit

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isnt it 100 on amazon

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tradies gotta get rid of their cash

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No one has a rank on this server

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dont need no egos to stroke

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lol has any moron fell for those?

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that sounds like legit business right there

2017-07-30 05:41:32 UTC  

I can go on fb and be like "hello, I bought this item but i can't return it. It is new and sealed. I want 200$ for this. No trade or swap. Thank you"

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Gearbest lets me buy one at a time right? Nothing like Ali? (i've never used gearbest)

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Oh god

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I forgot

2017-07-30 05:54:34 UTC  

I bought some chink shit and didn't review it

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Okay so this thing

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What is it: a flash cartridge for the N64

2017-07-30 05:55:56 UTC  

What does it do: allows you to playback N64 ROMs off an SD card on your N64

2017-07-30 05:56:37 UTC  

Does it do the thing you want it to:

Short answer: yeah
Long answer: yes and then it falsely advertises things that aren't possible

2017-07-30 05:57:13 UTC  

Every N64 rom I put on this thing worked fine with no crashes or false boot ups

2017-07-30 05:58:01 UTC  

It supports saves but you have to hold down the reset button and boot back into the home menu of the flash cart after saving and before turning off your console

2017-07-30 05:58:34 UTC  

It says you can plug an N64 cart on top and rip roms from said carts using a built in USB port but

2017-07-30 05:58:51 UTC

2017-07-30 05:59:03 UTC  

There's no cartridge port so you can't

2017-07-30 05:59:18 UTC  

USB port is still there. Covered in shiny tape and useless

2017-07-30 05:59:38 UTC  

As an added bonus, you can also play emulated NES games

2017-07-30 06:00:03 UTC  

But it doesn't support all NES wrappers so what games will and will not work is up in the air

2017-07-30 06:00:44 UTC  

If you have an N64 and think paying $50 for Mario Kart is super gay, I recommend the ED64 plus

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I have question

2017-07-30 06:12:24 UTC  

so I have to pay the shipping costs for alibaba, which is really expensive.

2017-07-30 06:12:29 UTC  

5 ounces is like 20 bucks i think

2017-07-30 06:12:52 UTC  

if instead of online dropship, I go IRL, how would I navigate this price issue?

2017-07-30 06:12:59 UTC  

Mark up my products substantially?

2017-07-30 06:14:24 UTC  

But if I do Aliexpress, it's different

2017-07-30 06:14:26 UTC

2017-07-30 06:14:33 UTC  

I don't need to buy in bulk if I do Aliexpress

2017-07-30 06:14:36 UTC  

Depends on how much it costs to arrive to your home

2017-07-30 06:15:16 UTC  

Also it depends on what you order