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Erdogan has right wing turkish state, and the opposition leftwingers are always aligned with the kurds. Kurds are like the gypsies of the middle east, every country has them, and no one wants them, and on top of that they consistently align with commies. I think it was ISIS that blew up the kurt commie demo but good riddance

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That video is something my Gramps would like unfortunately

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Rojava, that is

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Anyone not subscribed to these doodz, do so :)

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Anyone not subscribed to these doodz, do so :)

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Anyone not subscribed to these doodz, do so :)

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This was great lol

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Uni Bomber

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Suicide bombed antifa? Wtf I love sand niggers now

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who /vc/ here

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Funny thing is I made this about 7 months ago....

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He’s one disgusting heeb

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HEY EVERYONE JEWSTUBE JUST PUT MY VIDEO INTO LIMITED STATE 6 hours after i put it up, about the kurts and jews (A debt paid in fold: Jews and the kurts) which means i am doing something right

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What’s limited state

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I know they’ve been shutting the comment section down on some videos

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yep, i did something right, and its proven fact, in what i said

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(((Susan wojecki))) I think is the kikes name who runs it

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So go figure fam

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well i did something right though i feel good,

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Baaaaa it’s the kikes baaaaa

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That’s one mongoloid goat

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Those are esoteric AF. BAISTE shit

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@MatthewHeimbach we gonna meet up at the restaurant on Thursday nites anytime soon?

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@Der Jäger I know this is a late response but that woman was an awful bitch. Rude as hell! She literally shoulder-checked me a handful of times until the last time I let her know she needed to back the fuck up and keep her distance from us...

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That hideous whore with the baggy jeans

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Lucca Blake spent the entire line in and most of the rally talking to and flirting with her

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After I repeatedly told him to stop

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I told her she needed to put some makeup on