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☦Colton of Yore☦ 2017-11-30 18:49:30  

What does Brett play?

Tony Hovater 2017-11-30 18:52:02  

That was my friend from that band. He plays guitar and does production.

Tony Hovater 2017-11-30 18:52:23  

New Order new wave nationalism NOW!

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2017-11-30 18:52:52  

I know shit is crazy right now but consider a New Order djentwave fashprog project with me and possibly Jason and you drumming.

MatthewHeimbach 2017-11-30 18:59:18  

thatd be fun

Justin Burger (Major-GA) 2017-11-30 19:00:58  

I have a guitar.

Odalman 2017-11-30 19:05:12  

I'll play the cowbell.

CatoHostilius 2017-11-30 19:06:52  

I play drums, but I'm gonna work with my friend

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2017-11-30 19:12:42  

Good drummers are the hardest thing to come by in a band.

☦Colton of Yore☦ 2017-11-30 19:13:01  

I played in a few, it's a lot of fun and it spreads our culture wielded politically.

K Martin 2017-11-30 19:14:20  

I can play a mean nigger-drum

Spiritchef 2017-11-30 19:15:00  

He's banging on those bongo's like a chimpanzee

K Martin 2017-11-30 19:16:45  

It's a legit chimpbanger too. My grandpa brought it back from a hunting trip in one of those godforsaken countries.

K Martin 2017-11-30 19:17:30  

I mostly use it as a table tbh

Spiritchef 2017-11-30 19:17:44  

I probably would too tbh

fassel 2017-11-30 19:19:57  

Could hold a beer nicely

K Martin 2017-11-30 19:22:13  

@fassel Big time, shot glass too.

Fash Dragon 2017-11-30 19:22:34  

Oh shit we got Tony Hovater in here!

FashyGoy1488 2017-11-30 19:24:02  

The challenge continues. Post your activism!

FashyGoy1488 2017-11-30 19:24:28  

Pt. 2 incoming

FashyGoy1488 2017-11-30 19:27:50  

Pepe Topkek is a temporary channel. Like a burner channel. Thinking of starting an actual channel though. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

FashyGoy1488 2017-11-30 19:28:27  

Also... I wanna see other people's pics and vids doing flyer drops and other activism. It keeps the flame burning.

FashyGoy1488 2017-11-30 19:33:43  

I also do activism and memes and random shit on my snapchat: fashygoy1488

Fevs 2017-11-30 20:18:47  

@FashyGoy1488 I'm not sure exactly how taking video works but I think if you held the phone the other way it'd be better

Fevs 2017-11-30 20:18:50  

So there's no black bars

Axon Spectra 2017-11-30 20:33:35  

Here's another goody. Great site.
I especially like Dr. Goebbels' pieces for Der Angriff, written mostly in the vein of Der Sturmer.

The Inquisitor [☧] 2017-11-30 20:35:05  

>those cursed swastika lads

Hadrian 2017-11-30 20:40:43  

If anyone's interested, at 8pm Eastern time I'm doing a livestream of Birth of a Nation

Spiritchef 2017-11-30 20:41:23

The Inquisitor [☧] 2017-11-30 20:43:12  

@Hadrian That's a really good movie

FashyGoy1488 2017-11-30 20:44:09  

I'm not going for top notch video quality. Just getting it done and documenting it in hopes to inspire others to get out there

FashyGoy1488 2017-11-30 20:44:20  

Im not great with smartphones to say the least

Hadrian 2017-11-30 20:45:02  

@The Inquisitor [☧] I got a copy of it from the library and ripped it. Its the 2011 restored version

Axon Spectra 2017-11-30 20:57:12  

@Hadrian I'm interested. Link?

parrott 2017-11-30 21:00:03  

Dammit. I'm absolutely overwhelmed with all these refvgees.

Hadrian 2017-11-30 21:00:44  

@Axon Spectra I'll post the link in here when I'm ready to start. Still figuring out Jewtube livestreaming

Fash Dragon 2017-11-30 21:01:41  

@parrott you talking about the IE Exodus?

The Inquisitor [☧] 2017-11-30 21:01:58  


The Inquisitor [☧] 2017-11-30 21:02:01  

I geddit

Axon Spectra 2017-11-30 21:02:50  

Good stuff. We've been fliering in shopping plazas. Think we'll film too next time.