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2017-02-10 09:42:16 UTC  

Insist we have the best fireworks in the world.

2017-02-10 09:42:46 UTC  

It just keeps going. I'm not too familiar with the msulim attacks outside of Europe and US

2017-02-10 09:42:58 UTC  

Australia's sons let us rejoice,
For we are young and free;
We've golden soil and wealth for toil,
Our home is girt by sea;
Our land abounds in Nature's gifts
Of beauty rich and rare;
In hist'ry's page, let ev'ry stage
Advance Australia fair.
In joyful strains then let us sing,
Advance Australia fair.
Verse 2
When gallant Cook from Albion sailed,
To trace wide oceans o'er,
True British courage bore him on,
Til he landed on our shore.
Then here he raised Old England's flag,
The standard of the brave;
"With all her faults we love her still"
"Britannia rules the wave."
In joyful strains then let us sing
Advance Australia fair.
Verse 3
While other nations of the globe
Behold us from afar,
We'll rise to high renown and shine
Like our glorious southern star;
From England soil and Fatherland,
Scotia and Erin fair,
Let all combine with heart and hand
To advance Australia fair.
In joyful strains then let us sing
Advance Australia fair.
Verse 4
Should foreign foe e'er sight our coast,
Or dare a foot to land,
We'll rouse to arms like sires of yore,
To guard our native strand;
Britannia then shall surely know,
Though oceans roll between,
Her sons in fair Australia's land
Still keep their courage green.
In joyful strains then let us sing
Advance Australia fair

2017-02-10 09:43:06 UTC  

This was our first national anthem.

2017-02-10 09:43:23 UTC  

We've been moving away from the Commonwealth in favour of America after they kept fucking us over in the World wars.

2017-02-10 09:44:10 UTC  

Vietnam fucked us of being an American colony, and we don't really have much culture of our own that we're allowed to discuss without breaking free speech laws (Eureka revolt is seen as the equivalent of the confederacy) so we're kinda in a deadzone.

2017-02-10 09:44:49 UTC  

@Tee CA It hit us really hard, because that just doesn't happen here.

There hasn't been an armed gunman in decades. Suddenly a people want to destroy us and are amongst us?

2017-02-10 09:45:45 UTC  

That's similar to the Democratic states in US though. They don't pull attacks in areas that have guns or pride.

2017-02-10 09:45:55 UTC  

Or Identity

2017-02-10 09:46:06 UTC  

Other issues include:
Aboriginals, after stealing their kids didn't work we decided pumping them full of welfare would fix the problem.

They're worse than your blacks at present and showing no signs of improving.

2017-02-10 09:46:47 UTC  

Free education, housing, and massive government assistance don't stop them from huffing petrol and abusing their kids.

We have decided to more or less ignore it.

2017-02-10 09:47:06 UTC  

I.E. blue states. Lots of gibs, guilt and diversity.

2017-02-10 09:47:26 UTC  

Only real criminal syndicates in Australia except the lebs I guess.

Currently all bikie clubs are banned.

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2017-02-10 09:47:36 UTC  

And housing commission folk.

2017-02-10 09:48:03 UTC  

Bikies? Motorcycles?

2017-02-10 09:48:08 UTC  

Yeah, bikies are banned.

2017-02-10 09:48:20 UTC  

Can't have more than 4 people wearing the same outfit riding motorbikes together.

2017-02-10 09:48:23 UTC  

Against the law.

2017-02-10 09:48:49 UTC  

Feel bad white man.

2017-02-10 09:49:05 UTC  

Your ancestors shouldn't have been so based

2017-02-10 09:49:12 UTC

2017-02-10 09:49:42 UTC  

Tfw global minority and can't fight back

2017-02-10 09:49:48 UTC  

And the recent "Safe schools" thing.
Which depending on your point of view is either a "Way for the children to learn tolerance and acceptance of other identities and non conforming gender roles being introduced into our schools to help people" or
"A piece of marxist bullshit propaganda literally created by a communist who has stated they want to destroy capitalism and the modern family"

2017-02-10 09:50:10 UTC  

SJW bs

2017-02-10 09:50:37 UTC  

A big issue with most of the Aboriginal stuff is that so few "pure" aboriginals still exist.

2017-02-10 09:50:53 UTC  

They're all 1/4 aboriginal getting full benefits for something that they Mostly contributed to.

2017-02-10 09:51:01 UTC  

There are pure natives here. We gave them casinos

2017-02-10 09:51:19 UTC  

We just give them free houses, education and lotsa money.
Does not work.

2017-02-10 09:51:24 UTC  

They're still upity

2017-02-10 09:51:36 UTC  

Mate, ours couldn't even start fire when we got here.

2017-02-10 09:51:44 UTC  

They started one a few thousand years ago and forgot.

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2017-02-10 09:51:58 UTC  

I'm not even joking.

2017-02-10 09:52:02 UTC  

Kek, sounds like an uncivilized group of people

2017-02-10 09:52:14 UTC  

I'm not sure if that's really bad or impressive.

2017-02-10 09:52:19 UTC  

No writing system.

2017-02-10 09:52:22 UTC  

A lil of both

2017-02-10 09:52:28 UTC  

No citystates or tribal confederations.

2017-02-10 09:52:33 UTC  

No permanent settlements.

2017-02-10 09:52:46 UTC  

10000 years of stagnation.