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2017-02-13 05:02:33 UTC  

I had never even heard of Richard Spencer before the Roman salute thing, but I'm not new enough to think he's controlled op. The problem with him is that he tries to take credit for the accomplishments of 4chan.

2017-02-13 05:02:39 UTC  

richard spencer isnt controlled op thats a newfag thing to say

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2017-02-13 05:03:21 UTC  

Agreed. I don't give a shit about it. I like him. If he does a tour I think it'll be a good thing to be prepared for cause it'll be rowdy

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2017-02-13 05:04:04 UTC  

the hail trump thing made it assured he gets mass media coverage wherever he goes

2017-02-13 05:04:05 UTC  

Should we intervene?

2017-02-13 05:04:18 UTC  

If we support him we might be labeled as nazis, with some public legitimacy.

2017-02-13 05:04:22 UTC  

If we don't Antifa will make a mess.

2017-02-13 05:04:31 UTC  

It might be better to let him martyr himself through idiocy.

2017-02-13 05:04:32 UTC  

I think we should assuming we actually have a physical presence that can handle it

2017-02-13 05:04:49 UTC  

@Chancellor We support free speech, "Nazi" speech is free speech.

2017-02-13 05:05:18 UTC  

I seriously don't think we need to worry about ideology etc. We just say we're there to protect innocents *if* we even talk to the media

2017-02-13 05:05:19 UTC  

All or nothing

2017-02-13 05:05:39 UTC  

what we say here is just satire, and satire should be protected by free speech

2017-02-13 05:05:59 UTC  

lol, did you guys actually think people were serious here? xD

2017-02-13 05:06:24 UTC  

I think a good way to avoid being tied down by an ideology etc. is to simply not have one. Does anyone else agree?

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2017-02-13 05:06:54 UTC  

We dislike communism and are trying to mobilize against AntiFa

2017-02-13 05:06:57 UTC  

Like, we're opposed to Antifa's violence and anarchy. End of story

2017-02-13 05:07:02 UTC  

That's AntiCom

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2017-02-13 05:07:16 UTC  

weve been saying that since the start, we need to stop the skirmishes between the satirical NatSoc's and the libertarians

2017-02-13 05:07:23 UTC  

@Attila the Pun Yes, our organization is not ideologically-based, unless you count /pol/ as an ideology.

2017-02-13 05:07:36 UTC  

Is bog an ideology?

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2017-02-13 05:07:47 UTC  

@Bluesy I disavow the bogpill

2017-02-13 05:07:50 UTC  

We are Bogtopian bogdealists.

2017-02-13 05:07:54 UTC  

On the real though, I can't stand pol nine times out of ten

2017-02-13 05:07:55 UTC  

Yeah, I mean I just think we should focus on decisive actions that no one can really disagree with. We're not trying to run a non-profit

2017-02-13 05:07:58 UTC  

Still go there

2017-02-13 05:07:59 UTC  

@Bluesy Bogs = GODS

2017-02-13 05:08:53 UTC

2017-02-13 05:08:59 UTC  

Freedom of religion I guess

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2017-02-13 05:09:09 UTC  

Hail bog

2017-02-13 05:09:14 UTC  

Hail our people

2017-02-13 05:09:17 UTC  

Hail victory

2017-02-13 05:09:36 UTC

2017-02-13 05:10:21 UTC  

Found some podesta leaked videos