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2017-05-05 01:16:45 UTC  

Moomins and Eastern Block animations

2017-05-05 01:16:46 UTC  

You woke up before I did. I'm kinda slow.

2017-05-05 01:17:07 UTC  

Czechoslovak and East German animations = My childhood

2017-05-05 01:17:20 UTC  

Moomins impart ancient wisdom. I know this.

2017-05-05 01:17:26 UTC  

also them yea

2017-05-05 01:18:47 UTC  

There were a ton of Finns in May Day caust as well. Moomins convinced us of the necessity of all white North.

2017-05-05 01:19:05 UTC  

My fav episode is the one where they kick out refugees and burn down their jungle.

2017-05-05 01:22:47 UTC  

@JTThrasher (TWP-Lynchburg, Va.) Iron Maiden, King Diamond, Slayer, etc. are my childhood in a nutshell. And Mr. Wizard would slay Bill Nye and his faggot agenda.

2017-05-05 01:36:42 UTC  

@Kombat-Unit I am more & more impressed with this next generation, I might have to start calling you guys the T generation, for generation T-cell, fighting off the disease & for that has infected our folk

2017-05-05 01:37:06 UTC  

*disease & rot

2017-05-05 01:39:31 UTC  

You can see a glimpse of me at 0:22

2017-05-05 01:39:38 UTC  

@JTThrasher (TWP-Lynchburg, Va.) look at you all vetted & shit, how did that happen?

2017-05-05 01:39:59 UTC  

I begged.

2017-05-05 01:40:02 UTC  


2017-05-05 01:40:07 UTC  

And thanks, I've been happy to see there are people of all ages in the movement, including a ton of young guys.

2017-05-05 01:40:21 UTC  

Yes, youth=future

2017-05-05 01:40:43 UTC  

I'm glad you're only 23, gives me tremendous hope

2017-05-05 01:43:04 UTC  

That video is fucking awsome

2017-05-05 01:43:38 UTC  

It was great to be there too. There will prolly be vid soon where you can hear the chants and the drums

2017-05-05 01:43:43 UTC  

Ooooo ooo oooo oh.. Hallowed beee thyyy naaaame

2017-05-05 01:43:53 UTC  

NS all over the world took May Day back from commies

2017-05-05 01:44:20 UTC  

That settles it, I'm coming over for an event

2017-05-05 01:45:26 UTC  

Looks too good to not participate in at least one

2017-05-05 01:46:40 UTC  

Last May Day march we had 300, this year +600. Every movement event has just exponentially over the last years.

2017-05-05 01:47:03 UTC  

Last independence day we had 800, this time 3000.

2017-05-05 01:47:10 UTC  

It was open to non NS too though

2017-05-05 01:47:20 UTC  

This world fears a white people chimp out

2017-05-05 01:47:29 UTC  

It's coming

2017-05-05 01:47:48 UTC  

Nature's response to the disease.

2017-05-05 01:48:01 UTC  

It's unstoppable

2017-05-05 01:48:45 UTC  

When I attended first one of these marches, it had 100 people.

2017-05-05 01:48:52 UTC  

Think about it.

2017-05-05 01:49:17 UTC  

We grow like Fibonacci numbers

2017-05-05 01:49:34 UTC  

So in a few years its grown 30x the first time.

2017-05-05 01:49:50 UTC  

We can all do it brahs

2017-05-05 01:50:08 UTC  

You can just see the backlash against the Jew everywhere

2017-05-05 01:50:56 UTC  

Yes. & the harder they push back the more we grow. I honestly believe it is a cycle out of both groups control

2017-05-05 01:51:14 UTC  

A natural cycle

2017-05-05 01:53:17 UTC  

Finland is a special place. @Kombat-Unit is almost understating the awesome white Nationalist atmosphere there. I'd move there if I had a chance.