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I mean I just don't know who else to take this too

2017-12-24 18:01:00 UTC  

@MatthewHeimbach is it okay if I PM you on this? I really really need help

2017-12-24 18:02:07 UTC  

yeah man

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@Fash Dragon pop sounds like a pussy

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Threatening you is 1 thing , but to leave your mother is ridiculous

2017-12-24 18:04:12 UTC  

Muh Nazi Cult

2017-12-24 18:04:23 UTC  

The eternal boomer

2017-12-24 18:11:44 UTC  

He wasn't always like this

2017-12-24 18:13:08 UTC  

Probably just in freak out mode from losing his job , holiday stress, etc.

2017-12-24 18:13:24 UTC  

Doesnt know how too react

2017-12-24 18:13:25 UTC  

He lost his job close to a year ago

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@AltCelt(IL) That was hilarious. You know he thought he was so clever.

2017-12-24 18:13:57 UTC  

What the hell is he doing then

2017-12-24 18:15:59 UTC  

I think he's losing his shit man

2017-12-24 18:16:12 UTC  

My brother was losing his mind on meth. He seems stable now. They gave him Jew pills but he stopped taking them.

2017-12-24 18:16:16 UTC  

He accused me of pulling a gun on him last nightb

2017-12-24 18:16:43 UTC  

Schizophrenia happens. Does he use drugs maybe privately?

2017-12-24 18:18:27 UTC  

I'm not sure. I don't believe so

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Btw you should get roles for verified members

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So Matt at what point did you come to Orthodoxy?

2017-12-24 18:38:18 UTC  

What religion was your family traditionally

2017-12-24 18:38:22 UTC  

like generations?

2017-12-24 18:39:00 UTC  

Mayrland was the only Southern State that didn't become a Baptist Theocracy after 1865

2017-12-24 18:40:01 UTC  


2017-12-24 18:40:10 UTC  

All of the 13 Confederate States became literally Baptist Dictatorships after the War, except for Tennessee where the Church of Christ and the Baptists have a plurality between one another

2017-12-24 18:40:28 UTC  

Matt what don't you understand? IN Dixie after 1865 the Baptists RAN The South

2017-12-24 18:40:32 UTC  

or much of it

2017-12-24 18:40:46 UTC  

Just nitpicking terminology, not debating what you actually said

2017-12-24 18:40:51 UTC  

When the Baptists took over the KKK in 1915 thats when the Klan got all Kill the Catholics

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2017-12-24 18:41:07 UTC  

and close down all liquor manufacture

2017-12-24 18:41:25 UTC  

Yes from 1915 basically until the 70s the KKK was an arm of the Masonic Lodge and the Baptist Church

2017-12-24 18:41:49 UTC  

I'm aware, my church has had run-ins with both lol

2017-12-24 18:42:07 UTC  

The First Generation Klan was merely a Confederate Civil Rights Organization they allowed Jews in it as well as Roman Catholics

2017-12-24 18:42:15 UTC  

the Second Generation KKK was where that changed