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Like this one gyppo said "You see an apple tree when you're hungry, whose to say God didn't put it there for you?" and apply this to cars and basically anything that isn't bolted down

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> be blessed by god

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I can honestly say I hate gypsies.

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I'm no theology expert by any stretch

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but I'm not too sure if that's how it works

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gypos almost make you agree with the "life unworthy of life"

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Nothing I can say does justice to them IRL.

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Whatever it is, it should be somewhere else.

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...I'm curious at what point did Gypos become Christian...?

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Were they converted at some point when they entered Europe?

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they stole the religion too?

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Are they really christian

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I didnt know they were christian

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>The ancestors of modern-day Romani people were previously Hindu, but adopted Christianity or Islam depending on their respective regions they had migrated through

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They're a syncretic blend of whatever superstitions they come across, like a blob absorbing whatever litter it rolls across.

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that's more or less what indians do in general

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I wasn't aware they had much culture at all

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Beyond thieves cant

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I've once read an article about how christianity doesn't grow on India because they just mix it all up since their religion kinda allows for that

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Gypsies stole civilisation from the Africans and sold it to Europeans

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Oh yeah

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Hinduism is extremely loose

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A week or so ago gyppos pulled #BLMkidnapping and livestreamed themselves torturing another gyppo

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A little before the Swedish livestream rape

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How long until FB livestream gets zucc'd?

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There's blurry regional varieties that all interpret it differently in India - for example some people say all the Gods are aspects of one God making it technically some form of monotheism.

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The syncretism of Hindu is very overstated

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more like pantheism

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There was third vid where they doused her with gasoline and threatened to set her on fire but cant find it

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They don't like Abrahamic religions

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But you get the idea

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A lot of the scholarship on Hinduism is clouded by Western scholars trying to coherently piece together systems of thinking from people with an IQ of 70.

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Ask a brahmin sometime

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Brahmin iq is very high

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there are smart people in India

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brahmins are different since they're both smart & have a deep knowledge of their religion