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2017-11-08 05:40:19 UTC  

We already did lmao

2017-11-08 05:40:24 UTC  


2017-11-08 05:40:57 UTC  

this article taught me everything and now I am convinced Vanguard and Atomwaffen are Spencer's private militia.

2017-11-08 05:41:24 UTC  

But really though? Like where is it even possible to read up on vanguard tho?

2017-11-08 05:42:08 UTC  

i've just been lurking all the woke servers and hearing what people were saying.

2017-11-08 05:42:23 UTC  

the media don't got much dirt on you guys.

2017-11-08 05:42:39 UTC  

besides that thicc boi in the Challenger.

2017-11-08 05:43:07 UTC  

I also talked to Fox Tx. he's chill.

2017-11-08 05:43:28 UTC  

Of all the things Thomas did, disavowing fields was one of the faggiest

2017-11-08 05:43:43 UTC  

Oh, you talked to fox. That explains it lol

2017-11-08 05:44:11 UTC  

I have no idea how he can talk to so many people and manage to have a life

2017-11-08 05:44:31 UTC  

It's like a 50/50 chance that if somebody applies, they talked to fox

2017-11-08 05:45:52 UTC  


2017-11-08 05:46:10 UTC  

I found Fox because he managed to stumble onto the Fascistball server for some reason

2017-11-08 05:50:02 UTC  

Fox is cool, I wanted to punch him for awhile, but he's a good dude.

2017-11-08 06:08:16 UTC  


2017-11-08 06:18:30 UTC  

What the hell happened to dillon?

2017-11-08 06:18:45 UTC  

Is he still runnin something?

2017-11-08 06:19:04 UTC  

And why did the split happen?

2017-11-08 06:19:13 UTC  


2017-11-08 06:19:29 UTC  

Patriot front and va

2017-11-08 06:19:53 UTC  

I am realy new to nf

2017-11-08 06:20:20 UTC  

Thomas snaked his way into leadership of Vangaurd, Dillon came back - wasn't having it. Factions split, Dillon kept Vangaurd. Thomas was ousted.

2017-11-08 06:20:38 UTC  

Ok cool. Thx

2017-11-08 06:20:47 UTC  

Vanguard is really cool.

2017-11-08 06:20:56 UTC  

Patriot Front, not so much.

2017-11-08 06:21:10 UTC  

Why is azz kickin it with the traitors then?

2017-11-08 06:21:13 UTC  

Burgerism at its finest.

2017-11-08 06:21:28 UTC  

Because hes with Thomas.

2017-11-08 06:21:38 UTC  

Dillon is a take no shit person.

2017-11-08 06:21:51 UTC  

Great guy.

2017-11-08 06:21:54 UTC  

Got ya

2017-11-08 06:22:17 UTC  

I had to explain to him what a pork roll and cheese sandwich was.

2017-11-08 06:22:22 UTC  

Only downside

2017-11-08 06:22:31 UTC  


2017-11-08 06:22:48 UTC  

Its crazy how much we fight eachother

2017-11-08 06:23:12 UTC  

I dont know if i will ever be able to get used to it.

2017-11-08 06:23:16 UTC  


2017-11-08 06:23:17 UTC  

Whites will always fight each other. Its in our nature.

2017-11-08 06:23:22 UTC  

We are warriors

2017-11-08 06:23:28 UTC  

Infighting that is serious is for faggots.