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In Christ, the embodiment of all manliness, we find all that we need. And if we occasionally speak of Baldur (a god in Norse mythology), our words always contain some joy, some satisfaction, that our pagan ancestors were already so Christian as to have an indication of Christ in this ideal figure.

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Everyone should read Eckart and Mein Kampf btw lol.

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great viewpoint...and yes if you have NOT read Mein Kampf....ffs fix yoself son

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one cannot properly speak to hitler and his nature without it

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is it required reading for all twp

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Absolutely. It can't be understated. Read a chapter a day. It is a page turner once you dive in.

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yeah absolutely, I reading it again and it rings so true

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The parallels between the budding movement then and now are intense.

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With many differences too.

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Honestly Pagans & Christians should unite.

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Enough w/ the in fighting.

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We just celebrated a pagan-christian holiday.

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That's the point of Eckart's quote.

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To show that paganism is not actually against Christ.

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And has a figure of his archetype broadly in it in all forms. The concept of paganism as an other figure belief is Christian too. They were just oral legends and myths and personifications before. Not organized or called paganism.

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Local customs as they said once.

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model-building is a white hobby

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>the face you make when you want a nazi to fuck you

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That is the face a Gas Chamber Dweller can love.

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Id like to welcome a good guy @Antagonizer to the discord if hes a good guy and any of you at cville defentily know him but its up to him if he wants to tell you

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Tbh that cartoon was made by fucking Yids anywho. Hey @Antagonizer

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Welcome 😇

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Well, guess who's unexpectedly on vacation for the rest of the week

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🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔

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Hey folks

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anyone interested in crypto?

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@Antagonizer Welcome, brother.

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They replaced Assange with a synth.

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