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2017-12-30 19:47:21 UTC  

Like the freikorps but gayer

2017-12-30 19:48:09 UTC  

Like the Freikorps, except they've never actually did anything to improve their country

2017-12-30 19:48:18 UTC  

Tfw no physical removal

2017-12-30 19:48:43 UTC  

like the freikorps if the freikorps never served in the military and larped

2017-12-30 19:49:08 UTC  

What about selling bumper stickers and shirts to TRIGGER those stupid LIBTURDS

2017-12-30 19:49:23 UTC  

Muh constitution

2017-12-30 19:50:28 UTC  

Im Commander McConstitution of the 3%'er oathforgeters we sell shirts to trigger dem damn liburllsss my wife identifies as a muslomic male. do u feel offended libturdz hur hur trump

2017-12-30 19:51:01 UTC  

My president.....,,,, Armien

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*3%er* Raycisstt nahhh we once had a black guy ask to join us we said no cause he wuz a convitected felon

2017-12-30 19:51:50 UTC  

@Der Jäger what the fuck

2017-12-30 19:51:55 UTC  

They named me?

2017-12-30 19:52:24 UTC  

You famous now nibba

2017-12-30 19:52:40 UTC  

God damn boomers cant keep their mouths shut about anything

2017-12-30 19:52:59 UTC  

Only 4 people were privy to that information

2017-12-30 19:52:59 UTC  

I dare you to say you are a oathkeeper and the TWP is just a front to recruit them into the Tenesse Constitution miltia

2017-12-30 19:53:00 UTC  

Also I've noticed a lot of 3pers have Mestizo or South East Asian wives

2017-12-30 19:53:19 UTC  

Yup I think I know what happened

2017-12-30 19:53:55 UTC  

Its all apart of Operation Normalize the nazis

2017-12-30 19:54:04 UTC  

He was talking all this shit about bringing out TN III in force to run security

2017-12-30 19:54:21 UTC  

Was about to jiz his pants

2017-12-30 19:54:33 UTC  

Then I think sessions said get lost

2017-12-30 19:54:42 UTC  

Where did that post come from ? Who?

2017-12-30 19:54:47 UTC  

Billy sessions?

2017-12-30 19:54:50 UTC  

And so he goes on a purity spiral

2017-12-30 19:55:01 UTC  

Nah that’s from conservative treehouse

2017-12-30 19:55:16 UTC  

Operation Normalize Integrate Generate Glorify Elaberate Reconcile Subjegate or as i like to call it Operation N.I.G.G.E.R.S

2017-12-30 19:55:29 UTC  

Run by the tn III state lead

2017-12-30 19:56:21 UTC  

You guys got some leaks to clean up

2017-12-30 19:56:33 UTC  

I don’t know who of the 4 leaked that

2017-12-30 19:56:41 UTC  

But who knows what else was said

2017-12-30 19:56:51 UTC  

just tell each of them 4 differnt things

2017-12-30 19:56:59 UTC  

then wait for one of said things to get relased

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2017-12-30 19:57:50 UTC  

pulling a Tyrion?

2017-12-30 19:57:50 UTC  

Tell one you have invited the Japanese National Socialist Party or some stupid shit like that and said leaker will reveal the info

2017-12-30 19:58:15 UTC  

Deny involvement

2017-12-30 19:58:31 UTC  

*it was just a prank*

2017-12-30 19:58:32 UTC  

Deny organizing