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It blows them out.

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Hitler hated ineffectual intellectuals who try to lead the movement.

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Every conservative is a worm. They always try to pry you away from your natural base to get you chasing an aloof upper middle class that will never support revolution.

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I have literally never met a suburban kid that was actually down for the movement

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Did sperglin pull the page down?

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They are along for the ride because they want excitement to escape their boring suburban lifestyle

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But when shtf they will be the first to run

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We want action. Vigor. Masculinity. Bravery against the odds. People need to see there's ANYONE out there speaking up for them.

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Hiding online is literally what Weev said we should do.

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And yea intellectuals will not lead the movement lol. No one cares about big brained nibbas making esoteric arguments. That is why people abandoned libertarianism

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It was insular and snooty

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And full of navel gazers

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Why worry about countersignalling our detractors?

Parrott already wrote an excellent article, disproving all the anti-TWP countersignalling that is being espoused by the "Alt-Right".

Our members sitting here, going on AND on about the optics "war", is only playing into the hands of our detractors;, giving their BS complaints credence.

All we need to do is keep doing what we do. IE members are coming over to TWP, not because we are bitching, like our enemies are, but because we are actually doing positive and effective activism. By attacking IE and our enemies, we are not only losing our focus, but we are gonna force our potential recruits into a camp. Being that said recruits are already in an opposing group, our attacks will only push them further into a side (the side of their existing group).

If we would just focus on OUR goals and strategies, and let the keyboard commandos keep up their autistic "reeing", then it would show that we not only view them as irrelevant, but that we have much more important things to worry about than their retarded countersignalling.

It would be MUCH more productive if our conversations were focused on our own projects and ideas, vs wtf anyone else has to say about us.

Just my 2 cents....

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@John Mosby because it's funny

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Damn. Big and true.

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Good points.

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It is hilarious though.

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@The Inquisitor [☧]

There is a time and place for humor. Hours spent on it is not humor, it is autism.

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Or hobbyism

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They gon' learn not to fucc with White Juche.

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They'll learn in a couple years, when TWP is the only viable group in the Movement...because we ARE the only viable group. If we spent the hours we do making jokes and bitching about others, and redirected said energy into our actual goals and projects, then that would do FAR more damage to them, than us sitting here like a fucking knitting circle.

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We should be planning for OUR future, not worrying about what some irrelevant faggot has to say about us, simply because they are jealous....I seriously think their attacks are made, in part, to distract our own people and bait us into an already bunked debate.

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I don't think yall are the only viable group

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I am a VA fag here to just fraternize with TWP people

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Lol uh.

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Oh no not again

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John, you're 100% correct.

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@John Mosby treating Weev as "irrelevant" is a mistake

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I'm not trying to argue here.

I hate infighting....did it for over a decade in 1.0, and it serves NO purpose.

I like a lot of what IE does...I think project siege is ingenious.

My comments were directed to TWP guys, in a TWP context.

I simply want us all to follow our own direction, and let our own actions speak for themselves.

I, personally, think that TWP has the only viable direction. If IE thinks the same, then let us outdo each other through ACTION, not shitthrowing...competition breeds results...feminine bitching breeds irrelevance for us ALL.

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IE has a terminal case of teh gay.

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And, as Anglin has shown, it's infectious.

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Which one of you is miranda newsome

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I shut the bitch boy down.

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He is messaging me since he doesnt want to get smeared in public.