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Mason wrote about practical political organizing and about failed attempts and contains great practical lessons, as much as I like Evola he didn't touch the subject and I prefer SIEGE to many of his works, even Handbook.

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1. MK
3. Everything else

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Is there any way to get in contact with AW? Not trying to fedpost

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talk to Rape.

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The reason why SIEGE is good is because he is very honest and truthful. Mason tells it like it is. It’s an evaluation of failures within the movement. What works what doesn’t work what can work.

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It’s very practical too.

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I'll have to check it out. I just ordered a bunch of books recently

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Read Attack by 🅱en Raymond

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It’s a book of wisdom that is meant to be applied and lived out.

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Mason was a guy who ran away from home to join the ANP when he was only 16

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he's seen basically everything of the Movement

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17 here

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except rockwell

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Yeah, the propagandistic practices and NS talking points, it's a must read National Socialist tome, it's an update how to apply National Socialism in modern world.

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a year too late for that

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Unlike Evola's intellectual essays.

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That and WLP basically saved Mason.

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Is AW only active in the Florida area?

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Funny story Mason founded the NSM.

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Yeah Mason was gonna Columbine his HS

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AW is in a ton of states.

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And WLP stopped him

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Don't mean to push questions as I am genuinely curious

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you just don't know about it because that's the whole point of siege: not drawing attention to yourself

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well, one of the major points

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That’s why we don’t show up to rallies and shit

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Our focus is entirely different

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And we do show up to rallies

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We just don’t reveal ourselves

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So you recommend I read siege to get started?

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We like to give the appearance of blending in

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Yeah read that.

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Maybe I'm missing something, but I didn't get much out of SIEGE. A lot of it just seemed like common sense to me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but it didn't rock my world like many were saying it would