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2017-04-21 16:00:12 UTC  

@Illegal Aryan black button up

2017-04-21 16:00:31 UTC  

Short or long sleeve, long is more aesthetic

2017-04-21 16:10:58 UTC  

Any TradWorker shirts on sale at the event?

2017-04-21 16:15:12 UTC  

I'll ask Matt to bring a box of them, I think we have quite a few at the moment. What size do you wear?

2017-04-21 16:16:31 UTC  

@FashyGoy1488 if you can get to Pikeville you're more than welcome to stay in our hotel room, that should make it about cheaper for you.

2017-04-21 16:16:39 UTC  

A bit*

2017-04-21 16:35:18 UTC  


2017-04-21 16:55:35 UTC  

what kind of pants? Jeans, or cargo-ish?

2017-04-21 17:06:36 UTC  


2017-04-21 17:08:07 UTC  

With pink frilly socks folded down once.
Its the new spring look

2017-04-21 17:15:42 UTC  

Lol capris

2017-04-21 17:15:59 UTC  

The gayest pants ever created for me

2017-04-21 17:16:01 UTC  


2017-04-21 17:16:34 UTC  

I didn't know men wore em lol

2017-04-21 17:17:16 UTC  

Dude, clear them from your wardrobe now!

2017-04-21 17:18:28 UTC  

-and why were you cool with the socks? Lol

2017-04-21 17:19:54 UTC  

Hahhaha unfortunately I don't a pair, I've seen guys wear them though

2017-04-21 17:23:17 UTC  

That's a pretty strong combo, not sure if I can pull it off

2017-04-21 17:23:59 UTC  

Unless you're a lanky Indian male with flipflops, men have no business with Capris.

2017-04-21 17:44:38 UTC  

Anyone else keeping an eye on Gotham Shield? Seems to be a recurring event to have drills running whilst nonsense is afoot.
Also, check out Brendon O'Connell and operation Talpiot. Fascinating stuff these jews are up to.

2017-04-21 17:46:03 UTC  

Yea I've been getting prepped.

2017-04-21 17:46:10 UTC  
2017-04-21 17:46:39 UTC  

Still have to order a helmet and gloves in case faggots show up

2017-04-21 17:50:01 UTC  

I'm bringing an extra bike helmet I had lying around. It doesn't give ear protection, but its better than nothing. Its a size medium and black, for whoever would like to use it.

2017-04-21 17:50:37 UTC  

And it's clean, clean. I take care of my shite.

2017-04-21 17:54:58 UTC  

@Illegal Aryan cargo pants

2017-04-21 17:55:37 UTC  


2017-04-21 17:57:44 UTC  

got these two items arriving today

2017-04-21 17:57:46 UTC

2017-04-21 18:07:17 UTC  

I just got a cheapo pair of work goggles and a buckler to go with my work helmet and cane.

2017-04-21 18:23:19 UTC  

I doubt faggots will show up though, just bc it's private property right?

2017-04-21 18:29:36 UTC  

You never know with those fucking reds man. Might try to lurk in the middle of the night.

2017-04-21 18:30:17 UTC  

Better safe than sorry, plus you can use the gear at a later date.

2017-04-21 18:36:06 UTC  

Y'all think they are gonna be up at pikeville?

2017-04-21 18:36:19 UTC  

We can bring our firearms yea?

2017-04-21 18:45:02 UTC  


2017-04-21 18:50:19 UTC  

Lol, how sad we even need to consider such things.

2017-04-21 18:53:02 UTC  

I heard the entire thing started to ramp up

2017-04-21 18:53:19 UTC  

Maybe more knives or guns with antifa at the next even

2017-04-21 18:53:49 UTC  

Thinking about a helmet. bought lightweight boots with composite toes. Not as handsome as OS DMs or my combats, but lighter.

2017-04-21 18:54:16 UTC