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It's hard for me to explain some of that stuff to "Solid Earth" National Socialists. I spend so much time talking with the hollow earth subset.

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God, Kalevala resonates so amazingly with Esoteric Hitlerism. "The Northland" was usually seen as the land of the dead. Much like Heracles, Lemminkäinen in the role of the god of war goes to "hades" to retreive his love and learns secrets during his journey. The water is also an important symbol. Water typically represents the passions and material existence. It represents transcendence above the crudely material, which is why figures walk on water in several myths. Also the leader of Finnish pagan rites was half-submerged in water as he made an offering to the Gods of air, symbolic meaning that hes a medium between the otherwordly and wordly. Also, the attempt to kill the swan crossing the river could be seen as an attempt to disrupt natural order, since swans represented the soul travelling from material world to the underworld, netherworld.

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God, I could keep on doing this all day.

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I really like this piece of Kalevala art, water motif. And also swastikas.

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Also the part where Ilmarinen forges a wife out of Gold, and destroys her at the suggestion of Väinämöinen, and instead goes to the north, to the land of the dead, to seek a wife, and for a quest of wisdom, and eventually reclaims Sun and Moonlight stolen by the mistress of the north. It's just so heavy with symbolism I could keep going on and on.

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That's amazing! I was just recently making the connection between EH and Kalevala. I was trying to explain the Cosmic Egg to someone...

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You should really do some writing about the parallels there. I don't see it mentioned in anything I've read before. It's important, I think.

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Smiths have allways been revered as magicians, wise men, the men bending the power of nature to their will utilizing all the elements. It's also interesting that the story of Wayland the Smith places Wayland's home in Finland, and he marries a swan maiden as well. And the cosmic egg you mentioned. Just so many things to analyze.

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Also the thing Väinämöinen said of materialism resonates now as strongly as it did in the Bronze Age: "Magic brother, wonder-forger,
Throw the virgin to the furnace,
To the flames, thy golden image,
Forge from her a thousand trinkets.
Take the image into Ehstland,
Take her to the plains of Pohya,
That for her the mighty powers
May engage in deadly contest,
Worthy trophy for the victor;
Not for me this bride of wonder,
Neither for my worthy people.
I shall never wed an image
Born from many magic metals,
Never wed a silver maiden,
Never wed a golden virgin."
Then the hero of the waters
Called together all his people,
Spake these words of ancient wisdom:
"Every child of Northland, listen,
Whether poor, or fortune-favored:
Never bow before an image
Born of molten gold and silver:
Never while the sunlight brightens,
Never while the moonlight glimmers,
Choose a maiden of the metals,
Choose a bride from gold created
Cold the lips of golden maiden,
Silver breathes the breath of sorrow."

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I love that. 💚I guess, being an EH and a metalsmith how could I not?

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And I bet you do ❤

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I was always curious about Wayland. I've studied historical metallurgy for a number of years. I actually have more books about historical metallurgy than NS or EH combined. That's a great picture. Who did it?

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Nikolai Kochergin, here's a bunch of his Kalevala related art, love it:

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Thanks y'all. This was very enlightening to me.

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Those drawings are magical. They almost don't look like they were done by a Russian.

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Anyhow, good night, guys.

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They're from a book published in Karelian SSR so might be a native after all.

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Same to you. Nite.

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Just got the Nevada Chapter established.

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Is there a file containing the TWP Propaganda? Thanks.

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Yep, has high quality propaganda.

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Alright then.

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Thanks 😇

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Brothers, add me on FB. Colton Streicher. Photo is me hailing the dawn.

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Adding but different name.

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At yesterday's regional meet, I gave a small statement and Im glad to say Ive climbed aboard. ⚡Hail Victory⚡

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Ever notice how there are no red-haired emojis?

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Thats autistic screech-worthy. Marginalized gingers!

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Right! Every color of brown, but no gingers.

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Why isn't this every nationalist's favorite band?

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I don't dig power metal, but whatever gets folks into Nationalism is good. I like Amon Amarth for that reason. I've been digging the new Nokturnal Mortum : Folksy Ukrainian NSBM.

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@AltCelt(IL) glad to hear you performed the blood sacrifice. The CVLT grows!

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Preach DD.

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Moloth is based, promoted "Traditionalism, Julius Evola and Rene Guenon: How the Esoteric Becomes Political" lecture in Azov's Cossack House in Kiev. Would have been fun to visit

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Yeah, love how they're active in the political scene promoting their ideas, and not only through music.