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2017-04-09 03:34:50 UTC  


2017-04-09 03:35:00 UTC  

Limited. I've made some in roads with active folks, but it's not satisfactory for me.

2017-04-09 03:35:45 UTC  

Fellowship is an important part & it's missing from my routine at this juncture.

2017-04-09 03:36:07 UTC  

Yeah, same, can't wait to get out of Baltimore

2017-04-09 03:36:28 UTC  

You'll meet plenty of us in Pikeville

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2017-04-09 03:37:03 UTC  

This is the plan yes as well as relocating out East for a few years.

2017-04-09 03:37:15 UTC  

Ive noticed that when I'm less active, I get blackpilled a lot easier

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2017-04-09 03:37:27 UTC  

Meeting up with everyone always helps

2017-04-09 03:37:47 UTC  

We are not alone.

2017-04-09 03:38:00 UTC  

That's exactly my thought process

2017-04-09 03:38:22 UTC  

Looking forward to meeting you guys

2017-04-09 03:38:37 UTC  

You too comrade

2017-04-09 03:39:02 UTC  

I'll be the guy looking larpy af

2017-04-09 03:39:19 UTC  

Tact vest with a tradworker patch, and an ar 15

2017-04-09 03:39:57 UTC  

I got the whole black BDU get up for the occasion. No guns for me.

2017-04-09 03:40:22 UTC  

I just need some new pants, and insoles for my boots and I'm set

2017-04-09 03:41:18 UTC  

I'll be the guy sleeping in the rental car

2017-04-09 03:42:22 UTC  

There will be camping available, and I'll have an 8 person tent, I think we'll have room for one or two more if you need

2017-04-09 04:54:32 UTC  

Appreciate it brother.

2017-04-09 04:54:49 UTC  

No problem

2017-04-09 12:34:24 UTC  

Hello everyone

2017-04-09 17:09:24 UTC  

What's up comrade

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2017-04-09 17:11:29 UTC  

/ \

2017-04-09 18:05:52 UTC  

Welding like crazy today for my cousin's husband on their farm. Working on a Percy for the alt right called alt Aspen. I'll link you guys in a bit

2017-04-09 18:21:49 UTC

2017-04-09 18:23:05 UTC  

It's a personal project. My name is Alex Mackey. I just wanted to share my working document with anyone interested. I'll be attending Pikeville

2017-04-09 18:24:24 UTC  

Anywho hope everyone is well

2017-04-09 18:25:29 UTC  

I'll check that out, we're excited to have you join us hail victory!

2017-04-09 18:25:38 UTC  

Missing church because of sick kiddos here. So, as well as can be.

2017-04-09 18:27:18 UTC  

I just read some of that project looks awesome

2017-04-09 18:27:19 UTC  

Awah. Duties to your kids is as important as it gets

2017-04-09 18:27:30 UTC  

Thanks @tom (twp)

2017-04-09 18:30:24 UTC  

Yes it is. They actually wanted to go, but I didn't think infecting the rest of the ward would be a good idea. Lol But yeah, I'm reading the part about nutrition in your project right now. So far it sounds like some good stuff.

2017-04-09 18:33:42 UTC  

I've had a decent amount of real life experience helping people get their lives on track and I realized it was time to put together a more fashy idealist oriented project for the movement. There's a lot to add.

This is all going to turn into videos, hopefully some sort of online community, and a full blown lifestyle training organization within the alt right

2017-04-09 18:34:59 UTC  

I have a bit of help as is.

2017-04-09 18:37:58 UTC  

But if anyone has critique or contributions feel free to send it my way via DM or however, don't wanna crowd the chat too much or sound too shilly

2017-04-09 18:41:00 UTC  

I especially like the section on land ownership. I always wanted to do something similar with the homeless around here and some land we have out of town. I always thought it would be better for them to learn self sufficiency through farming rather than doing nothing.