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2017-04-24 03:38:00 UTC  

and they've kicked out like three leaders before they've even done anything

2017-04-24 03:38:07 UTC  

Yeah, they think people are going to stay out of jail fighting these jews

2017-04-24 03:38:24 UTC  

IE is worse tbh fam

2017-04-24 03:38:44 UTC  

They just started watering down and handicapping themselves before anything started, just the wasted potential, smh

2017-04-24 03:38:51 UTC  

If you dont talk about the Jews, its like a doctor treating your cough while ignoring your lung cancer

2017-04-24 03:39:02 UTC  

And when your whole idea is to be less radical than someone else, what's the point?

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2017-04-24 03:39:09 UTC  

"We're like those guys, but lamer"

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Nothing to the right but the wall my brothers

2017-04-24 03:39:16 UTC  

simple as that

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2017-04-24 03:39:34 UTC  

The Left sure is taking their values and ideas to their logical conclusion, we must do the same

2017-04-24 03:40:19 UTC  

Yes for sure, they don't like talking about Hitler either

2017-04-24 03:40:52 UTC  

Like that one too

2017-04-24 03:40:58 UTC  

They just make the same mistakes over and over even Rockwell himself wrote about.

2017-04-24 03:41:20 UTC  

All that about smart demagoguery and shit. How is it that people haven't learned that decades later?

2017-04-24 03:41:26 UTC  

Which I dont really get. I mean I don't spend all day on Hitler, but to ignore the fact that literally the battle for our survival is basically put us that overcoming the WW2 propaganda, we must and should never shy away from Hitler or the NSDAP

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2017-04-24 03:42:12 UTC  

If you're an ethnic nationalist, you can basically start sports timing clock every time you start a conversation and count how long it takes until Hitler is brought up.

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2017-04-24 03:42:24 UTC  

Hell, if you believe race exists that is often enough.

2017-04-24 03:42:38 UTC  

Yeah, for sure. I understand the desire to use new symbolism, but the swastika will forever be a symbol against international jewry and European struggle

2017-04-24 03:42:49 UTC  

I ended up on like a 45 minute long conversation this weekend with a reporter over the Holocaust

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2017-04-24 03:43:11 UTC  

For TWP, the reason for our own symbol is simply because we are an organic National Socialist movement. The Rexists, Falange, Iron Guard etc, all had their own symbols

2017-04-24 03:43:13 UTC  

Is it posted anywhere?

2017-04-24 03:43:26 UTC  

but i wont ever have us shy away from the swastika,

2017-04-24 03:43:35 UTC  

and the interview isnt out yet, but it will be soon i think

2017-04-24 03:43:50 UTC  

Cool cool

2017-04-24 03:44:18 UTC  

By the way Matt, we will be having a demo almost the same time as you guys, we're hijacking the May Day totally from commies again

2017-04-24 03:44:35 UTC  

Its the goal for our Pikeville event, specifically make it about May Day

2017-04-24 03:44:43 UTC  

Nordic Resistance and Golden Dawn do it too

2017-04-24 03:44:59 UTC  

800 people have told they'd show up on the site, so it'll be 800 guys minimum, get hyped, commie crowds will be totally dwarfed

2017-04-24 03:45:05 UTC  

Yeah can't​ wait for this weekend

2017-04-24 03:45:33 UTC  

Swedish Minister of Defense will probably show up to the counter demo to show solidarity against racism, antifas must be feeling mega rebellious with the full backing of the Swedish Army

2017-04-24 03:45:36 UTC  

I'm stoked, but lacking transportation. I'm in IL

2017-04-24 03:45:55 UTC  

Also, all the best to your pikeville event as well, again ✋

2017-04-24 03:46:31 UTC  

May Day is a nazi thing now