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2017-06-06 11:10:19 UTC  

More coverage🙋

2017-06-06 11:10:19 UTC  


2017-06-06 11:10:19 UTC  

More coverage🙋

2017-06-06 12:17:57 UTC  

Even the normie in the comment section said it "what happened to free speech?"

2017-06-06 15:12:11 UTC  

@B1488 are you in ky? Thats the church i go to, Elizabeth Ann Seaton

2017-06-06 15:24:32 UTC  

Las Vegas, NV.

2017-06-06 15:25:20 UTC  

I guess it is a branch of a greater Elizabeth Ann Seaton Organization perhaps?

2017-06-06 15:25:33 UTC  

Eh Im just gonna go SSPX.

2017-06-06 15:59:07 UTC  

"There is, in fact, one thing these would be world-wide (((potentates))) do not comprehend to the full extent of its value.  We will resist.  From the rising of the sun on the European continent to the setting of the sun in America and beyond a world-wide bond of freedom loving people is developing.  These resistors to (((tyranny))) may not agree on many things that is true. Nor is it necessary to do so to effectively resist. For there is beauty in differing men agreeing to oppose a common (((evil))).  There is  one thing all agree upon: freedom is worth fighting for.  Let each person look to past examples of his own countrymen who fought nobly for freedom and liberty.  Let those many and varied methods of resistance become a guidepost to the future for each of us in our own way and form. Let us seek to create a song of freedom to be heard around the world, which is composed note by note in our individual acts of resistance to (((tyranny))).  We will be heard. Let the music begin."

Louis Beam

2017-06-06 16:14:35 UTC  

A new link for the Cville event discord

2017-06-06 18:53:17 UTC  

when is the Cville event?

2017-06-06 19:06:03 UTC  

Aug. 12th i think @cr4ck3r

2017-06-06 19:21:00 UTC  

Ok, I am going to put in for that date off and represent TWP Indiana and C28 Indiana

2017-06-06 19:21:59 UTC  

Id like to get in the event chat if thats ok. It expired. Apologies lol

2017-06-06 19:22:16 UTC  

me too

2017-06-06 19:22:17 UTC  

I want in

2017-06-06 19:22:19 UTC  


2017-06-06 19:26:35 UTC  

@MatthewHeimbach I need to call you, I have a new number that ends in all zeros so if you get a call from xxx-xxx-0000 its me

2017-06-06 20:08:01 UTC  

scratch that, I'll be talking to Parrott since your at work

2017-06-07 01:03:14 UTC  
2017-06-07 02:22:32 UTC  

Got my wires off yesterday goys

2017-06-07 02:22:37 UTC

2017-06-07 02:22:57 UTC  

My nose is crooked af now

2017-06-07 02:23:12 UTC  

Adds character.

2017-06-07 02:23:29 UTC  

Straight noses are over rated.

2017-06-07 02:23:37 UTC  


2017-06-07 02:23:45 UTC  

Check out my tooth I pulled

2017-06-07 02:23:48 UTC

2017-06-07 02:24:05 UTC  

That's what happens when a tooth dies

2017-06-07 02:24:10 UTC  

It looks like a nigger

2017-06-07 02:24:19 UTC  

It had to go

2017-06-07 02:24:50 UTC  

So are you going to get an implant now?

2017-06-07 02:24:55 UTC  

Probably not

2017-06-07 02:24:59 UTC  

It's pretty based

2017-06-07 02:25:31 UTC  

Lol. I will when I can afford it

2017-06-07 02:25:48 UTC  

They've come down a lot in price

2017-06-07 02:25:57 UTC  

Heimbach said he was going to start a go fund me for me and still hasn't

2017-06-07 02:26:00 UTC  


2017-06-07 02:26:14 UTC  

How much do you think

2017-06-07 02:26:45 UTC  

They use to be over 1,000$ per tooth. Now they're down to a few hundred