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2017-02-20 17:14:51 UTC  

Maybe somethings are better left unknown

2017-02-20 17:15:32 UTC  

I mean

2017-02-20 17:15:39 UTC  

He's like Blaire White in terms of appearance

2017-02-20 17:15:46 UTC  

but yeah, things are better left unknown.

2017-02-20 17:17:35 UTC  

What a world we live in. Trannys and such. I wonder if people will look back at this time and realize what a shit show it was/is.

2017-02-20 17:17:48 UTC  

It's a mix really

2017-02-20 17:18:13 UTC  

Trump, nationalism and conservatism becoming popular, decent cartoons coming back, happenings

2017-02-20 17:18:33 UTC  

meanwhile, socialists, communists getting louder, governments cracking down on anti-semetism

2017-02-20 17:20:23 UTC  

I think once the boomers are gone, it will be easier to push back to the right. A lot of the hippie culture bs some of them loved has really taken its toll on the universities, media and gov.t

2017-02-20 17:21:33 UTC  

It's gonna take a while, even my parents are pretty liberal

2017-02-20 17:21:40 UTC  

Another hope I have is that gen z is based enough to push back against the cucky elements of millinnelials

2017-02-20 17:22:08 UTC  

Something big needs to happen

2017-02-20 17:22:08 UTC  

Democratic socialism and the likes of Sanders.

2017-02-20 17:24:34 UTC  

I'm sure it will. As the left looses power, they become more radical and violent. Just a waiting game until it goes down.

2017-02-20 17:24:49 UTC  

Got to get prepared for it all

2017-02-20 17:39:13 UTC  

@everyone Does anyone get any reprots of Antifa yet today?

2017-02-20 17:39:23 UTC  

Because today is a good day for them

2017-02-20 17:39:34 UTC  

Or any protests?

2017-02-20 17:39:57 UTC  

I have not heard of any garbage can tipping yet

2017-02-20 17:42:01 UTC  

I'll ask the people I know. Haven't seen any reports of antifa in Michigan

2017-02-20 17:42:46 UTC  

Thanks, because today is a perfect day for Anarchy for them

2017-02-20 17:44:15 UTC  

In states like mine where most people come from working class backgrounds, antifa doesn't really seem to be a thing

2017-02-20 17:44:43 UTC  

That shit prospers among trustafarians who don't understand what real work is

2017-02-20 17:45:34 UTC  

My question is this, where can they spawn today?

2017-02-20 17:46:27 UTC  

In Michigan, I'd guess a handful of cities that host universities. Ann Arbor, Lansing, Marquette

2017-02-20 17:47:03 UTC  

Alright, there is one today in Concord

2017-02-20 17:54:55 UTC  

Didn't Arizona go Red though?

2017-02-20 17:55:06 UTC  

We posting these?

2017-02-20 17:57:41 UTC  

@Rasenemus Yeah. All those beaners pouring through the border threaten to turn it blue in the foreseeable future, though.

2017-02-20 17:59:15 UTC  


2017-02-20 17:59:23 UTC  

You have a point

2017-02-20 18:00:05 UTC  

Texas as well. Decent possibility it will be blue

2017-02-20 18:02:12 UTC  

The 14th Amendment was a mistake.

2017-02-20 18:03:03 UTC  

You could fix most of this shit for generations with a constitutional amendment requiring that a citizen be a net positive taxpayer in order to vote in federal elections

2017-02-20 18:03:24 UTC  

@Platz That'd be waycist

2017-02-20 18:03:47 UTC  

The cool thing about constitutional amendments is that no court can overturn them

2017-02-20 18:06:03 UTC  

Mfw starting to hear reprots

2017-02-20 18:08:29 UTC  

If trump can secure two more senators they can make constitutional amendments

2017-02-20 18:10:48 UTC  

I assume any democrat senator would vote against any constitutional amendment proposed by Trump or any GOP congressperson during the Trump administration