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2017-12-31 03:15:16 UTC  

That and Majora's Mask were the swansongs of that console

2017-12-31 03:15:28 UTC  

It was the same team behind Goldeneye

2017-12-31 03:15:31 UTC  

I stand by my goldeneye statement

2017-12-31 03:15:34 UTC  

Great game

2017-12-31 03:15:41 UTC  

Second best was mario kart 64

2017-12-31 03:15:48 UTC  

Came out in 2000 iirc

2017-12-31 03:16:10 UTC  

Goldeneye, game of the year 1997!

2017-12-31 03:16:34 UTC  

PD was Goldeneye on crack

2017-12-31 03:17:27 UTC  

2x as fast and intense

2017-12-31 03:17:45 UTC  

Looks and sounds exactly the same lol

2017-12-31 03:18:03 UTC  

Ahhhhh n64, those were the days

2017-12-31 03:18:21 UTC  

It needed an expansion pack just to run at 30fps lol

2017-12-31 03:18:50 UTC  

Probably the biggest and best looking game possible on a cartridge

2017-12-31 03:19:41 UTC  

Go back and look at Goldeneye, it's a lot less impressive looking than PD

2017-12-31 03:21:46 UTC  

Oh ive spent a good amnt of time going back and looking at goldeneye lol

2017-12-31 03:21:57 UTC  

Wish I still had muh 64

2017-12-31 03:22:24 UTC  

Whoever is coming to the Louisville party, PM me

2017-12-31 03:22:30 UTC  

But I have an emu on my PC that runs every game at 100+ fps and 1080p

2017-12-31 03:22:52 UTC  

I had my pipes freeze the other day and had to go down in the crawl space to thaw them, saw all my old 64 consple and games down there, might bust em back out sometime

2017-12-31 03:23:37 UTC  

I also have a PS2 emu that's clutch but you need good specs like mine for that to be worth it

2017-12-31 03:24:07 UTC  

Ive got an NES and an atari with tons a
Of games down there too

2017-12-31 03:24:17 UTC  

Last time I fired that up I had a Timesplitters 2 LAN party in the frat house

2017-12-31 03:24:29 UTC  

So it's been a long time

2017-12-31 03:24:48 UTC  

I still have my dad's NES

2017-12-31 03:25:22 UTC  

About 14 games, including his original release LoZ gold cartridge

2017-12-31 03:25:29 UTC  

Paperboy 2 was bad ass

2017-12-31 03:25:53 UTC  

Elevator Action

2017-12-31 03:25:56 UTC  

Kung Fu

2017-12-31 03:26:00 UTC  

Double Dragon

2017-12-31 03:26:04 UTC  

And zelda

2017-12-31 03:26:15 UTC  

Contra & Super Contra

2017-12-31 03:26:27 UTC  


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2017-12-31 03:26:54 UTC  

Yeah tmnt for nes were great games

2017-12-31 03:27:28 UTC  

TMNT is pretty hard the first couple times you try to beat it but it's insanely easy once you learn every pattern

2017-12-31 03:27:34 UTC  


2017-12-31 03:27:54 UTC  

TMNT I is the hardest game I've ever played

2017-12-31 03:28:12 UTC  

It's crazy long and unforgiving as hell

2017-12-31 03:28:35 UTC  

And I've beaten Battletoads