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2017-11-03 20:08:41 UTC  

Thanks my fellow evil whiteys. I'm about to grill this dude.

2017-11-03 20:08:43 UTC  

Actually this might be better since its much MUCH more condensed.

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It's gonna be like annudah Shoah

2017-11-03 20:09:34 UTC  

Here we go l m a o

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2017-11-03 20:10:50 UTC  

A pile of shoes in Auschwitz proves that Hitler shipped kikes to Poland from all over Europe just to delouse them to death in shover stalls.

2017-11-03 20:12:29 UTC  

I seen a survivor story where the Jew was only kept out of the delousing stalls of death because she was a really good soup maker. So before killing the Jews, Hitler made sure that they had the best soup Judaism had to offer.

2017-11-03 20:15:21 UTC  

Literal soup nazis

2017-11-03 20:19:12 UTC  

Fun fact: the shower room in Auschwitz was constructed in the late 40s

2017-11-03 20:20:36 UTC  

That's antisemetic.

2017-11-03 20:21:03 UTC  

There's a plaque on the building confirming it

2017-11-03 20:21:21 UTC  

Delet this

2017-11-03 20:40:32 UTC  

@☦Colton of Yore☦ what's your gab fam?

2017-11-03 20:48:10 UTC  

@Kombat-Unit did you know that also the 2nd Special Forces group HQ at forte Carson CO is named after Törni ? They use his US name Thorson but

2017-11-03 20:48:34 UTC  

@Klutch @Deleted User f2e9dc91 im in Knoxville crackers

2017-11-03 20:49:24 UTC  

Im pretty sure I know who that is

2017-11-03 20:49:51 UTC  

I messaged you

2017-11-03 20:58:44 UTC  

US attacked somolia yall

2017-11-03 21:00:13 UTC  

Not agaiiiin

2017-11-03 21:01:28 UTC

2017-11-03 21:41:48 UTC  

So Newport Navy bace Just amounted that all non essential persenell are to stay tomorrow and all security staff to report to their mister points

2017-11-03 21:42:06 UTC  

Muster even

2017-11-03 21:42:44 UTC  

Tennessee National Guard are all doing an impromptu drill; masks required (not a normal command).

2017-11-03 21:42:44 UTC  

Just got this from one of my friends that works on the bace

2017-11-03 21:42:51 UTC  

Not sure who all I met last night at the OH meetup, but if we did add me here and on Shaun Mosley II on FB.

2017-11-03 21:43:13 UTC  

Tfw there was an OH meetup and I didn't know about it

2017-11-03 21:43:39 UTC  

Yea the RI NG are all drilling this weekend also my old unit is doing “riot” “training” and civil defense drills

2017-11-03 21:44:05 UTC  

Or anyone who has FB add me niBBers

2017-11-03 21:57:55 UTC  

@Flaxxer opposite corner of Ohio from you

2017-11-03 22:07:48 UTC  

@Shaun Mosley added. my friends list is half normie, but they dont seem to mind much

2017-11-03 22:23:51 UTC  

if your friendslist is half normie you're not posting convincing enough memes <:fascistpepe:374715716626022430>

2017-11-03 22:27:34 UTC  

@Shaun Mosley Good to meet you last night

2017-11-03 22:30:54 UTC  

We need to get a georgia meet up going

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2017-11-03 22:32:31 UTC  

I once had facebook.

2017-11-03 22:32:48 UTC  

Did you delete it? Lol

2017-11-03 22:33:00 UTC  

Over 3,000 friends. Photos from over a decade ago, archived conversations which I cherished.

2017-11-03 22:33:07 UTC  

No. They did.

2017-11-03 22:33:19 UTC  

Ohh. The heimbach treatment

2017-11-03 22:33:24 UTC  

Dont you still have one currently