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2017-11-08 04:27:25 UTC  

My comments may have been rude, but I get seriously offended when I see people disrespecting the champions of my worldview.

2017-11-08 04:27:47 UTC  

So, @Mr. Hughes I apologize for my earlier comments.

2017-11-08 04:28:00 UTC  

Now kiss.

2017-11-08 04:28:03 UTC  

Whether you accept this apology is up to you, it is sincere though.

2017-11-08 04:28:04 UTC  

no worries man

2017-11-08 04:28:04 UTC  

Well, I just want to inform everyone here that I'm officially more hardcore than all of you.

2017-11-08 04:28:15 UTC  

I've been NS for way longer than anyone here. No doubt.

2017-11-08 04:28:19 UTC  

@Eulogy we all good

2017-11-08 04:28:20 UTC  

I'm the coolest.

2017-11-08 04:28:23 UTC  

So ya.

2017-11-08 04:28:48 UTC  

I take that back, Fasselhoff is the coolest.

2017-11-08 04:28:56 UTC  

Fevs is second coolest.

2017-11-08 04:28:58 UTC  

Shit man. Keep your neg opinions on enoch to yourself, the guy does nothing but good for our movement and is pro twp. He speaks at nf events and does not counter signal. You can slander anglin all day before you talk shit on mike. Fuck that shit. Its unneccesary division. Mike is a net gain. He denounces the optometrist cucks and supports us twp guys. Lay off and focus ypur energy on the enemy or at least the Am nat dissenters

2017-11-08 04:29:02 UTC  

And I'm third coolest.

2017-11-08 04:29:58 UTC  

Join the kool kids klub today!

2017-11-08 04:30:12 UTC  

uhm Idk what NS or NF is but I'm a KEKISTANI gaiz

2017-11-08 04:30:37 UTC  

Hail mike enoch. And thats from me, one of the strongest anglin criticizers

2017-11-08 04:30:37 UTC  

Damn, what did I miss

2017-11-08 04:30:37 UTC  

Sorry my dude, but race traitors are a net negative.

2017-11-08 04:30:47 UTC  

KU I sperged because of my devotion to Hitler.

2017-11-08 04:30:49 UTC  

Yes, conversations of this nature can get heated. That being said, we should still be able to critically evaluate even our most highly esteemed heroes. If we can't learn from their mistakes, but only take in their strengths/victories, then we are missing the point of history.

2017-11-08 04:30:51 UTC  

Fass, you're going to have to come to terms with the fact that Mike Peinovich is a vile race traitor.

2017-11-08 04:31:09 UTC  

Now now, you can never be too devoted to Hitler.

2017-11-08 04:31:17 UTC  

Fuck that. Dude he was ,married 10 yrs before he was even woke on jq. Gtfo

2017-11-08 04:31:42 UTC  

And he remained married for years AFTER he was 'woke' to the JQ.

2017-11-08 04:31:43 UTC  

Do you think he stopped screwing her after he "got woke"?

2017-11-08 04:31:55 UTC  

That is still racial treason.

2017-11-08 04:32:01 UTC  

And do you know what you do to race traitors?

2017-11-08 04:32:14 UTC  

I'll give you a hint, it's in a book that rhymes with Burner Biaries.

2017-11-08 04:32:44 UTC  

Ok fass is no longer kool. I'm taking his kool kid badge away.

2017-11-08 04:33:06 UTC  

Only degenerates complain of purity.

2017-11-08 04:33:07 UTC  

@Eulogy the Learner Fire-ies?

2017-11-08 04:33:08 UTC  

Fight me irl i back mike

2017-11-08 04:33:10 UTC  

Aww come on Fass, you can be kool kid number 2.

2017-11-08 04:33:31 UTC  

Vice President of the kool kids klub.

2017-11-08 04:33:40 UTC  

Until he dissents and disavvpws twp.

2017-11-08 04:33:45 UTC

2017-11-08 04:33:48 UTC  

The Stirner Inquiries @The Inquisitor [☧]

2017-11-08 04:34:00 UTC  


2017-11-08 04:34:01 UTC  

He was at pikeville, he was at shelbyville. Fuck the naysayyers

2017-11-08 04:34:07 UTC  

@Eulogy fuck you, I think you made me wake up my housemates