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2017-11-08 06:28:53 UTC  

Sorry phone is terrible for typing

2017-11-08 06:29:02 UTC  

I meant at Cocopuff.

2017-11-08 06:29:14 UTC  

Something about anime games.

2017-11-08 06:30:24 UTC  

Also TWP are national socialists so I respect the work they do.

2017-11-08 06:30:57 UTC  

I've talked to a few people irl that are members. Pleasant folks.

2017-11-08 06:33:48 UTC  

Yeah everyone i have met is great

2017-11-08 06:34:13 UTC  

They also are real active in my experience.

2017-11-08 06:35:28 UTC  

I have a few of their business cards I keep in my truck 😄

2017-11-08 06:38:10 UTC  

U like doing events and stuff?

2017-11-08 06:40:29 UTC  

Not particularly. Met them outside of events.

2017-11-08 06:41:54 UTC  

Past my bedtime though, I have to sleep. Was nice talkin

2017-11-08 06:42:11 UTC  

U to brother have a good one

2017-11-08 06:46:16 UTC  

@Kamrin because Thomas does whatever azzpergers wants. Azz admitted to his (effectively) blackmailing Vanguard as a reason why Thomas should be in charge because Thomas capitulated

2017-11-08 06:49:11 UTC  

Who did he blackmail thomas or dillon?

2017-11-08 06:53:58 UTC  

It was right before that event where Azzmador said the whole "Kushner? Gas him" thing. IIRC, a day or two before that event, Dillon's mom died, so he drove out to NM instead of the event. Consequently, plans that were in place that involved Dillon were no longer possible. Assmador took this personally, basically as if skipping the event to go to his mom's funeral was a personal slight against him. So Azz went to Thomas and said something along the lines of "this was unacceptable, if you don't get rid of this guy, the DS guys are never working with you again and I'm going to perpetually talk shit about you on DS" and Thomas acquiesced

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2017-11-08 06:57:26 UTC  

God damn man why the hell are we so dysfunctional?

2017-11-08 06:57:49 UTC  

Its crazy

2017-11-08 06:57:50 UTC  

TL;DR Azzmador is a boomer retard with an over-inflated self-esteem and Thomas is a power-hungry ratfucker faggot

2017-11-08 06:59:10 UTC  

Yeah, I didn't even know about it until Azzmador admitted to it, claiming that Thomas' bending to his will makes him a better leader than Dillon

2017-11-08 06:59:30 UTC  

How does this happen? Does no one really care about our cause? Like do u think it is acting in bad faith or are they deluded?

2017-11-08 07:00:57 UTC  

No, they don't actually care. They're after the benefits of power and see a revolutionary movement as a way to again it, rather than as a way to attain national socialism

2017-11-08 07:01:50 UTC  

Is this really common?

2017-11-08 07:03:19 UTC  

Honestly thats disgusting.

2017-11-08 07:04:29 UTC  

That's why you see a million little groups with their petty kings squabbling over scraps while NF actually works. It's politics in general that is like this. I've been working on moving VA away from politics entirely. That's Heimbachs forte. If our groups were going to do the same thing, we might as well be the same group

2017-11-08 07:05:22 UTC  

I appreciate u gettin me up to speed on that.

2017-11-08 07:05:56 UTC  

How long u been doing this?

2017-11-08 07:07:13 UTC  

I've been in VA pretty much since it started. Haven't been NS (or known I was NS) for more than 2 years, but I dove in headfirst

2017-11-08 07:08:03 UTC  

Ok cool.

2017-11-08 07:08:11 UTC  

But with how much stuff has happened this year alone, 2 years feels like a lifetime tbh

2017-11-08 07:08:29 UTC  

I know what u mean brother

2017-11-08 07:08:42 UTC  

Pikeville feels like forever ago

2017-11-08 07:09:01 UTC  

My first was cville 2

2017-11-08 07:09:58 UTC  

Oh yeah? Where'd you wind up after? I was in the house that everybody was calling the eagle's nest

2017-11-08 07:10:24 UTC  

It was out in Wintergreen I think

2017-11-08 07:11:19 UTC  

I was down there with my book club. I didnt get to any after party. I stayed at the boars head.

2017-11-08 07:11:33 UTC  

I'm a little disappointed there wasn't a place for everybody to meet after. I really wanted to see paddy live again

2017-11-08 07:11:49 UTC  

Dude makes great music tbh

2017-11-08 07:12:34 UTC  

I think that's part of why all the groups are so split right now

2017-11-08 07:12:57 UTC  

We never got a chance to share a beer and just hang out