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2017-11-23 06:26:23 UTC  

I believe he was a genious politician.

2017-11-23 06:26:29 UTC  

However, I'm not sure I want my children in Sunday School learning about the Jews.

2017-11-23 06:26:44 UTC  

Indoctrination is a REAL big issue.

2017-11-23 06:27:04 UTC  

So far I've been learning about Islam the religion of "peace"

2017-11-23 06:27:11 UTC  

@AltCelt(IL) I'm looking for what Serrano wrote about Quetzalcoatl, it was in Book of Resurrection, right?

2017-11-23 06:27:12 UTC  

Any Christian White Nationalist should adopt him as a Saint at the very least.

2017-11-23 06:27:22 UTC  

Define saint then.

2017-11-23 06:27:25 UTC  

I want my children to learn about THEIR ancestors, not the Jewish patriarchs

2017-11-23 06:27:44 UTC  

Just homeschool them then @Michael

2017-11-23 06:27:57 UTC  

If there is an abrahamic God then surely Hitler is the highest of all the saints.

2017-11-23 06:28:07 UTC  

I've thought of homeschool or community schools

2017-11-23 06:28:27 UTC  

@Kombat-Unit some of it is in Manu and some in Ultimate Avatar. But I want to say NOS had alot.

I had the idea Resurrection was sort of a collection of multiple works.

2017-11-23 06:28:37 UTC  

There is a Christian school nearby that teaches children Latin, Greek and European history I'm interested in sending my children to

2017-11-23 06:28:54 UTC  

Hitler a god?

2017-11-23 06:29:08 UTC  

Aren't you Christian @Kombat-Unit ?

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2017-11-23 06:30:08 UTC  

What are you then?

2017-11-23 06:30:51 UTC  

Esoteric Hitlerite.

2017-11-23 06:31:13 UTC  

Kombat where can I learn more about that

2017-11-23 06:31:23 UTC  

Very glad you asked.

2017-11-23 06:31:25 UTC  

I picked up The Lightning and the Sun recently

2017-11-23 06:31:41 UTC  

Esoteric Hitlerism deals in Plural Paganism, Gnostic, Hindu, Buddhist, and Aryan Kristian/Luciferian concepts.

2017-11-23 06:32:07 UTC  

Is there a text you would recommend as a starting point?

2017-11-23 06:32:16 UTC  


2017-11-23 06:32:25 UTC  

Thanks brother

2017-11-23 06:32:26 UTC  

I'll read into this but I'm prob not gonna convert lol

2017-11-23 06:32:27 UTC  

I would consider Lightning and the Sun most important and good introduction.

2017-11-23 06:32:28 UTC  

Its hard if someone stumbles into it. Ive had some years of gaining understanding of other things and ultimately ended up there.

2017-11-23 06:32:50 UTC  

After that, all Savitri Devi's works and Miguel Serrano's, but one step at a time.

2017-11-23 06:33:04 UTC  

Here you go.

2017-11-23 06:33:11 UTC  

I have a surface level knowledge of it

2017-11-23 06:33:16 UTC  

Are you a subscriber to the ideas of Madame Blavatsky?

2017-11-23 06:33:19 UTC  

Trying to learn more

2017-11-23 06:33:31 UTC  

Are you gonna convert @BloodEagle ?

2017-11-23 06:33:32 UTC  

All but Klassen's works concern Esoteric Hitlerism.

2017-11-23 06:33:46 UTC  

I'm already a pagan spiritually per se

2017-11-23 06:34:31 UTC  

Esoteric hitlerism invigorates my beliefs. Doesn't convert them

2017-11-23 06:34:39 UTC  

blavatsky=theosophy=precursor to new age tripe

2017-11-23 06:34:41 UTC  

To me religion is just a conspiracy theory on why we exist.