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2017-02-24 22:02:16 UTC  


2017-02-24 22:02:27 UTC  

I click on the voice on accideent when someone moves back

2017-02-24 22:02:31 UTC  

Yay gunshots nearby, this totally does not make me nervous at all

2017-02-24 22:02:52 UTC

2017-02-24 22:02:55 UTC

2017-02-24 22:03:29 UTC  

you can turn the volume down...

2017-02-24 22:04:00 UTC  

I still stand with my stance.

2017-02-24 22:08:02 UTC  

I'm getting a mic tomorrow

2017-02-24 22:08:12 UTC  

Well that is good to hear.

2017-02-24 22:08:45 UTC  

Well, cleaning this mess looks to be impossible, I guess we know what time it is now, kids.

2017-02-24 22:09:48 UTC  

Ban hammer time?

2017-02-24 22:10:10 UTC  


2017-02-24 22:10:20 UTC  

please cut me loose @Burnside

2017-02-24 22:10:23 UTC

2017-02-24 22:12:04 UTC  

Wesom is gone until pepe decides if he's worth letting back in. Control yourselves, you fucking animals.

2017-02-24 22:12:36 UTC  

I'll be a good boy, I promise

2017-02-24 22:13:04 UTC  

Also no memes in general when Brun is here I think

2017-02-24 22:13:47 UTC  

If I see him back here before Der Fuhrer gives me the green light, I move to scorched earth tactics and gookmoot tier banhamming.

2017-02-24 22:13:49 UTC  


2017-02-24 22:13:50 UTC  

@gabe_brouse, Disconnecting from voice chat and unbinding from text chat.

2017-02-24 22:13:56 UTC  


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2017-02-24 22:14:06 UTC  

Dear god..

2017-02-24 22:15:02 UTC  

hey weeb is asking why he got kicked from here

2017-02-24 22:15:14 UTC  

@Burnside should the other mods be taking a more strict approach to meme genocide?

2017-02-24 22:15:58 UTC  

that's up to you, I do what I think is necessary, I make no demands of my peers

2017-02-24 22:16:13 UTC  

My only universal commandment is this

2017-02-24 22:16:18 UTC  

What if all the mods hate memes and <#277271250236342273> is a channel made to quarintine them?

2017-02-24 22:16:37 UTC  

Olive Drab Is Love:Olive Drab Is Life

2017-02-24 22:16:44 UTC  


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2017-02-24 22:17:32 UTC  

We've been trying to keep the bot spam out of general at least.

2017-02-24 22:17:52 UTC  

>What if all the mods hate memes and <#277271250236342273> is a channel made to quarintine them?

2017-02-24 22:17:57 UTC  

this is correct

2017-02-24 22:18:42 UTC  

Memes go in memes and it would be nice, if during serious general discussions, bot commands were kept contained in botconsole until shitposting resumes

2017-02-24 22:19:54 UTC  

Mods don't hate memes we just think that memes and discussions should be kept separate.

2017-02-24 22:20:14 UTC  

t. meme hater

2017-02-24 22:20:21 UTC  


2017-02-24 22:20:41 UTC  

The difference between memes and useful infographics is readily apparent to anyone with a pair of synapses to form engrams with. I will meme when I clean, that is my right as mod, enforced by way of superior firepower.

2017-02-24 22:20:53 UTC  


2017-02-24 22:20:56 UTC  

really makes me think