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2017-11-25 22:45:48 UTC  

The dachshund

2017-11-25 22:46:03 UTC  

pics pls

2017-11-25 22:46:05 UTC  

I am not a fan of daschunds

2017-11-25 22:46:16 UTC  

Or however it’s spelled

2017-11-25 22:46:39 UTC  

Fundraising idea: "Punch a Nazi Day"
Get a boxing ring, and charge X number of dollars for the chance to go toe-to-toe with a party member

2017-11-25 22:46:43 UTC  

As a manlet I am okay with dachshunds

2017-11-25 22:46:59 UTC  

@The Inquisitor [☧] they already did that lol no one would punch us

2017-11-25 22:47:09 UTC  

Manlet master race

2017-11-25 22:47:34 UTC  

10 bucks gets you three rounds with a rank-and-file member, 20 for a captain, 40 for a major, and 100 gets you your choice of Matts

2017-11-25 22:47:59 UTC

2017-11-25 22:48:26 UTC  
2017-11-25 22:48:47 UTC  

Okay now that is pretty cute

2017-11-25 22:49:13 UTC  

He's like 11 or 12 years old still runs around

2017-11-25 22:49:57 UTC  

My sis was in vet school so she was always aware of how to properly diet him so he's always been fit

2017-11-25 22:50:31 UTC

2017-11-25 22:50:52 UTC  

That dog looks so terrified lol

2017-11-25 22:50:55 UTC  


2017-11-25 22:50:56 UTC

2017-11-25 22:51:02 UTC  

Half basset hound half pit bull

2017-11-25 22:51:15 UTC  

Easily spooped Italian Greyhound.

2017-11-25 22:51:46 UTC  

100% attention hound

2017-11-25 22:52:09 UTC  

Oh yeah.

2017-11-25 22:52:30 UTC  

Shes also a pikeville vet

2017-11-25 22:52:30 UTC  

Pharaoh doggers.

2017-11-25 22:52:37 UTC  

Oh nice.

2017-11-25 22:53:03 UTC  

That's another good thing about GSD's, commies hate them

2017-11-25 22:53:16 UTC  

And Jews

2017-11-25 22:56:10 UTC  

My dog hates niggers and mailmen, i think shes read siege

2017-11-25 23:01:26 UTC  

Anyone got the leaks that showed that the Spencerites invited TWP and NSM to CVille to use as meatshields?

2017-11-25 23:01:52 UTC  

Coulda sworn I read about that in a Parrott article

2017-11-25 23:02:10 UTC  

Big if true
Also pretty funny if they are self-aware they need the ChadWorkers to protect them

2017-11-25 23:03:17 UTC  

But I'd rather play SA for our guys than them.

2017-11-25 23:03:45 UTC  

Ok, so is this rift really this big? I understand some rivalries going on but shit like this? Are we really being used like meat shields or held in such contempt

2017-11-25 23:05:10 UTC  

I don't wanna start anything if it isn't true, but I do remember hearing that and it pissed me off

2017-11-25 23:11:10 UTC  

Gas the boatshoeboys, class war now!

2017-11-25 23:11:12 UTC  

@Matt ✠ yeah, if we're the alt-right's SA, we'll wind up having Spencer give us his Long Knife, ifyaknowwhatimsayin

2017-11-25 23:24:27 UTC  

I'm all for unity, but I'm personally not going to beg the kinds of dudes we cucked in highschool to stop disavowing us lol

2017-11-25 23:26:41 UTC  


2017-11-25 23:26:53 UTC

2017-11-25 23:26:57 UTC  

The master dog race

2017-11-25 23:27:21 UTC  

I'm all for trying to set a new high score of disavowals