Message from Justin Burger (Major-GA) in tradworker #tradworker

2017-10-30 17:14:02 UTC  

I ware black every so ...

2017-10-30 17:19:11 UTC  

I meant to. But just got custody of my 2 year old nephew today. Bringing my grand total to 5 babies. So to be honest, I don't know if I'm coming or going and forgot to wear black :/

2017-10-30 17:20:49 UTC  

5 babies?

2017-10-30 17:21:13 UTC  

Looks like you are keepin the 14 words comrade

2017-10-30 17:40:00 UTC  

He's a fine Aryan specimen.

2017-10-30 17:51:23 UTC  

Congrats on custody of your nephew. My parents got custody of their grandson (my nephew) and I watch him every week

2017-10-30 18:17:49 UTC  

I got banned from facebook twice today

2017-10-30 18:18:28 UTC  

Who here that i met thats in texas

2017-10-30 18:18:49 UTC  

We need to make facebook a public service now

2017-10-30 18:19:30 UTC  

Who is in texas that i met* jesus.. i need to learn how to english

2017-10-30 18:28:47 UTC  

If IE "optics" are so good, then why are tons of them leaving to join TWP?

2017-10-30 18:29:09 UTC  

5 guys i was with literally left IE at the event.

2017-10-30 18:29:36 UTC  

Damn really

2017-10-30 18:29:41 UTC  


2017-10-30 18:29:56 UTC  

Damigo is fucking annoying.

2017-10-30 18:30:13 UTC  

Was he there

2017-10-30 18:30:15 UTC  

He is a convicted felon for robbing a brown person at gun point, and cries optics

2017-10-30 18:30:17 UTC  


2017-10-30 18:30:20 UTC  

He disavowed us.

2017-10-30 18:50:11 UTC  

Did anyone come across my helmet yet? Black painted PASGT with "K.M." and "614" written on the inside?

2017-10-30 18:50:26 UTC  

Nah man, tough loss, where did you last see it?

2017-10-30 18:52:01 UTC  

It was in our van last I remember but couldn't find it when we got home. I suppose it's possible somebody thought it was one of Heimbachs spares and threw it in his van afterwards but I haven't asked

2017-10-30 18:52:57 UTC  

Yeah, should ask Heimbach.

2017-10-30 18:56:11 UTC  

Who was that guy?

2017-10-30 18:56:22 UTC  

Meaning the guy that was apprehended. I was confused about that whole situation

2017-10-30 18:58:03 UTC  

Some commie that was trying to start shit. His little friends stood by the entrance after that til we left. One even had the nerve to ask me to light his smoke about 20 min after this as if I didn't know why he was there.

2017-10-30 18:59:09 UTC  


2017-10-30 18:59:15 UTC  

The situation was handled perfectly

2017-10-30 18:59:47 UTC  

Lol nice look Cory.

2017-10-30 18:59:55 UTC  


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2017-10-30 19:00:25 UTC  

Someone should vaporwave this

2017-10-30 19:00:27 UTC  


2017-10-30 19:00:30 UTC  

and put "Physical Removal"

2017-10-30 19:00:31 UTC  

Physical removal is the best of optics.

2017-10-30 19:02:21 UTC  

What did he actually try to do?

2017-10-30 19:02:40 UTC  

Hit one of our guys I believe

2017-10-30 19:04:20 UTC  

Lol okay cool