Message from GoGo in Anticom #general

2017-03-03 04:06:06 UTC  

"Wrong. We need to make anime real"

2017-03-03 04:30:02 UTC  

See I'd kill for Trump if he said he would make anime real

2017-03-03 04:30:18 UTC  

tfw anime is real

2017-03-03 04:46:23 UTC  


2017-03-03 04:47:13 UTC  

We are

2017-03-03 04:47:47 UTC  

We need numbers to bash some fucking faggot commies

2017-03-03 04:49:56 UTC  

Anticom helicopter patrolling the antifa death camps circa 2043 (picture colorized)

2017-03-03 04:52:17 UTC  

This came too soon

2017-03-03 04:52:35 UTC  

Our numbers, affiliate groups granted, just can't compete

2017-03-03 04:55:29 UTC  

We've got a grand total of like >100 spread across the country

2017-03-03 04:55:50 UTC  


2017-03-03 04:55:58 UTC  

Nah fuck that. As long as we have like a hundred dudes we could beat the shit out of 1000 antifa pussies

2017-03-03 04:56:25 UTC  

Well we don't have a hundred

2017-03-03 04:56:57 UTC  

Just focus on endeavors local to your area

2017-03-03 04:57:04 UTC  


2017-03-03 04:57:18 UTC  

Fine, just one guy and a minigun

2017-03-03 04:57:30 UTC

2017-03-03 04:57:41 UTC  

*only you can prevent communism*

2017-03-03 04:57:59 UTC  

Why isnt that the anticom uniform?

2017-03-03 04:58:03 UTC  

*and heresy*

2017-03-03 04:58:08 UTC  

It is

2017-03-03 04:58:13 UTC  

Check the pinned messages

2017-03-03 04:58:46 UTC  

I expect everyone to provide their own Mark 5 ultramarine armor

2017-03-03 05:00:37 UTC  

Man for man, we're superior

2017-03-03 05:00:49 UTC  

So, I'm not worried

2017-03-03 05:02:02 UTC  

Not enough organization yet we havent even had our first meeting
My plan personally is basically go, put up some signs, hide some fliers, have a QR for the twitter on them, and then go home for work

2017-03-03 05:02:43 UTC  

ADL wants to take back pepe. Nice try kikes

2017-03-03 05:04:21 UTC  

Put that in memes

2017-03-03 05:04:25 UTC  

Not general

2017-03-03 05:06:35 UTC  

must have this shirt

2017-03-03 05:56:18 UTC

2017-03-03 06:07:10 UTC  

Didn't even need electric medicine

2017-03-03 07:09:11 UTC  

check top right corner

2017-03-03 07:09:14 UTC  

ancom pepe guys

2017-03-03 07:09:20 UTC  

we're starting to go mainstream

2017-03-03 07:14:40 UTC  

"When Aristide, a very popular and radical former priest and a self-proclaimed anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist, was elected president in 1991, the United States conspired with the Haitian elite and the Haitian army to depose him (Farmer, 1994). As a condition for his return to Haiti in 1994, Aristide was forced by the Clinton regime to implement the structural adjustment programmes of the World Bank that promoted, among other stringent requirements, the opening of Haiti’s economy to US exports and the lifting of its protective rice tariffs (Glick Schiller and Fouron, 2001)."

2017-03-03 07:15:10 UTC  

kek this will trigger lefties in my speach

2017-03-03 07:28:55 UTC  

Eh, turns out the source for that claim is a little fishy. Don't want to use it

2017-03-03 09:44:48 UTC