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2017-09-03 19:09:55 UTC  

You know EH has a good idea. It wasn't until years after Christ died, about 70-90, that Christianity took off big league.

2017-09-03 19:09:55 UTC  

It's been about that long since Hitler.

2017-09-03 19:09:55 UTC  

You know EH has a good idea. It wasn't until years after Christ died, about 70-90, that Christianity took off big league.

2017-09-03 19:10:52 UTC  

What is EH

2017-09-03 19:10:53 UTC  

That's an interesting point. My big issue with EH though, is that it really doesn't seem like something Hitler would actually approve of

2017-09-03 19:11:31 UTC  

Esoteric Hitlerism

2017-09-03 19:11:38 UTC  

Hitler was interested in a lot of esoteric things

2017-09-03 19:11:50 UTC

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Shit source but good bants on the EH crowd 😂

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Yeah this brings me back to the idea of a fusion church that still worships Christ yet also reveres other blood faith archetypes and heroes

2017-09-03 19:12:30 UTC  

The NS model would have been that

2017-09-03 19:12:37 UTC  

So, Catholicism (the real stuff, not modernist shit)

2017-09-03 19:12:50 UTC  

Himmler had his pagan stuff and Positive Christianity was pushed on everyone else.

2017-09-03 19:13:13 UTC  

I really should read a good source on Positive Christianity

2017-09-03 19:13:13 UTC  

Well Catholic church today is entirely cucked and heretical

2017-09-03 19:13:17 UTC  

I agree

2017-09-03 19:13:22 UTC  

That's why I'm sedevacantist

2017-09-03 19:13:38 UTC  

True. TradCath Sed is all I could ever be there.

2017-09-03 19:13:51 UTC  

I like pagan-Gnosticism too

2017-09-03 19:14:59 UTC  

Occasionally one of our people will say something dumb like "leftists R the real nahtzees" or whatever, but the Trad movement is pretty awesome in general

2017-09-03 19:16:28 UTC  

I am fortunate enough to live in an area with a strong Traditional presence

2017-09-03 19:16:51 UTC  

The Patriarchy admin on FB has been sperging a lot about nahtzees lately lel

2017-09-03 19:16:56 UTC  

that's a shame

2017-09-03 19:17:24 UTC  

I am spiritually conflicted. I see problems with every modern church and religion.

2017-09-03 19:17:24 UTC  

I don't really use FB much but my girl follows all that stuff

2017-09-03 19:17:43 UTC  

I understand a lot of it and respect the good.

2017-09-03 19:18:40 UTC  

But the esoteric mysteries tho. I am more initiated tier I guess. Hungry for deeper truths.

2017-09-03 19:18:55 UTC  

I want Gnosis.

2017-09-03 19:19:08 UTC  

I get that. I also know that that is the way our enemies operate, so be careful

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2017-09-03 19:19:48 UTC  

Yea, of course we are national socialists and everything Hitler said is awesome

2017-09-03 19:20:17 UTC  

Also humility is the most important aspect in the pursuit of knowledge, and a lot of those doctrines sell themselves on "tfw too intelligent" meme that just strokes the ego

2017-09-03 19:20:23 UTC  

but I don't think of it as a religion

2017-09-03 19:20:24 UTC  

Hitler does take on godlike traits.

2017-09-03 19:20:54 UTC  

just like the creativity alliance

2017-09-03 19:21:25 UTC  

it's vey basic

2017-09-03 19:21:31 UTC  

NS is a spiritual system

2017-09-03 19:21:49 UTC  

A renewal of our bloodfaith

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2017-09-03 19:22:03 UTC  

The new Volksgemeinschaft.