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2017-06-02 21:04:52 UTC  

@Kombat-Unit antifa=90% women. 10% fag

2017-06-02 21:07:05 UTC  

You got anyone else from TWP/etc in Portlandia, or just rolling with Hitler?

2017-06-02 21:07:19 UTC  

Asked DS chat if anyone are turning up?

2017-06-02 21:07:31 UTC  

or w/e

2017-06-02 21:10:31 UTC  

DSBC mod up here said he would forward my contact info to Portland bc. No contact with any TWP. Honestly just plan on planting the flag & letting the cards fall where they may

2017-06-02 21:11:26 UTC  

Printed out a few fliers to hand out, not bringing many that way I'm selective on who I give them to

2017-06-02 21:11:53 UTC  

Just want to be a presence.

2017-06-02 21:12:16 UTC  

NS is here, alone, not afraid.

2017-06-02 21:14:23 UTC  

>DSBC mod up here said he would forward my contact info to Portland bc
Yeah...but it's easier and quicker to get people's attention in Discord, dunno how well they respond in BBS to back and forth. Hours, days? Here it's seconds. And same, but it's always more the merrier. I know WhiteTrash from DS Discord was shilling for it at least a few days back.

2017-06-02 21:15:07 UTC  

beornmod asked about people going as well

2017-06-02 21:21:08 UTC  

I've got a threema we use for communication. That's what he meant by forwarding my info @Kombat-Unit my dumb ass keeps jumping back & forth between my new & old phone though & it's messed up my connection to threema, swear to god we should standardize the freaking app use for us tech rejects.

2017-06-02 21:21:44 UTC  

Yeah, amen, at least we've managed to dump skype.

2017-06-02 21:21:56 UTC  

I figure somebody will spot the 6'4 guy in a TWP shirt.

2017-06-02 21:23:37 UTC  

Good point.

2017-06-02 22:11:50 UTC  

Fuck man I want meet up sometime soon

2017-06-02 22:12:02 UTC  

I need to get on it

2017-06-03 02:02:03 UTC  

What is so beautiful about National Socialism is how ugly communism is. The more they rise the harder I get!

2017-06-03 03:49:52 UTC  

Kombat why you change your name

2017-06-03 06:47:17 UTC  

Subskribe.. Episode 2, "No ChWhites Allowed" now up.

2017-06-03 06:56:29 UTC  

Guess who has a working Kali Machine? This lucky fellow! 😈

2017-06-03 09:43:08 UTC  

So fucking antifa I'm pretty sure threw bricks through my window.

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2017-06-03 13:51:16 UTC  

😠 wtf. That's bad. Hope you find out who it was.

2017-06-03 18:38:18 UTC  

@tom (twp) Discord displays different user name per server, my nick in Esoteric Hitlerite discord is Kalki-Unit, pressed a wrong button it displayed that nick Discord-wide. fix'd

2017-06-03 19:53:58 UTC  

white power

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2017-06-03 20:03:20 UTC  

how be you?

2017-06-03 20:04:04 UTC  

The usual. Wrote some stuff, now just lurking and chilling at evening, maybe watch something.

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2017-06-03 20:08:35 UTC  

Local news, it looks like the ethno nationalist wing of True Finns might win the leadership race and if that happens the ruling government collapses 🍿

2017-06-03 20:18:46 UTC  

I'm waiting to go to a concert, oh nice! Finnish Master Race

2017-06-03 20:18:56 UTC  

are Finns truly asian? like is there any aryan in there at all?

2017-06-03 20:19:34 UTC  

Sweet, we got tons coming as well. Who playing

2017-06-03 20:20:21 UTC  

Nah, who the fuck wants to be poo in the loo Indo-"European"

2017-06-03 20:21:38 UTC  

People that matter

2017-06-03 20:21:45 UTC  

also, some band called Son Volt that hipsters like