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So once again, everybody accused except Roy Moore is a jew

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Just point out the common occurrence of all accused.

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Takei and Spacey are goyim but faggots

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Anyone want to join my new group?

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@The Inquisitor [☧]

Orthodox are much closer to RCs (at least TradCats) than Lutherans...

I grew us Missouri Synod, so I have some inherent affinity for "trad"Lutheranism, but Orthodox already reached out to the Lutherans, and they denied the Mysteries.

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Missouri and Wisconsin Synods (the only two good ones left, both of which I have belonged to) have gone SJW and denied racism, and denied On Jews and Their Lies.

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WELS hadn't, I thought

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Let's not forget on how Orthodoxy was a long lived shieldwall against Islam. Shieldwall which was destroyed from within by the papists.

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Just 🅱egome 🅱agan

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also, the last Russian Patriarch was pretty big on anti-antisemitism

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WELS hasn't gone SJW, but they have made statements saying that anyone (Jews, Muslims, heretics, etc) can still achieve Salvation i.e. perennialism

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that's really strange

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I blame the Jews

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and the boomers

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Ya, the Russian "Patriarchs" have all been PoS since Sergius.

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I think both WELS and LCMS are still salvageable, but it will take a lot of work from within.

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To be fair to RCs, they didn't start cucking to Islam until well after the Protestant Revolution.

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True, but the pope did not hesitate into trying to impose his point of view.

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I think the only Faiths that are still salvageable are TradCats, some Lutherans, and some Reformed Anglicans.

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In fairness, even Ss Cyril and Methodius sided with the Pope against the East (the EP and the Phanar have a HORRIBLE history of heresy...many Orthodox Theologians erase this fact, to try to impose the notion that the West were in heresy even before the Great Schism, which the opposite was more true). The RCs just went into heresy at Vatican I. I still love the original Old Catholics (they went by the wayside in the 1940s, though).

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Really? Interesting. Did not know Cyril and Methodius did that.

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Yerp. So did St Maximos the Confessor, and many other Saints.

The Pope has been proven to be Righteous vs the EP, for centuries before the Schism.

The East and West had numerous schisms, before the Great Schism, and it was the West that was preserving Orthodoxy through said schisms (the East was falling into: Iconoclasm (something the West rejected), Monotheism (something that constantly plagued the Phanar), and caesaropapism.

Bulgaria even almost went to the RCs over the "Council" of 1872; the only reason Bulgaria didn't is because Russia maintained Communion with them, and lent them military aid in the Holy Land (they broke Communion with the Phanar for over a century over it all...still maintaining Communion with Russian and the Slavic Churches).

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Thank you for the information.

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I did not know this.

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I have extensive files on the Ecumenical Councils and how the Saints positioned themselves on them (said Councils were never universally recognized in a specific canonical sense; the West, and many Eastern Saints, only accepted several Ecumenical Councils solely on the overarching Dogma they implied, many didn't accept the individual Canons.

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You speak as if you are attenting a theological university.

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I like it.

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I have just spent numerous years studying nothing but Orthodox Theology and Church history. No seminary training. I did use to be an Oblate in a Western Rite Orthodox Monastery, so I learned a lot in that. I only left because the Monastery went into Schism.

I'm not a great writer, but here is an Orthodox blog I do, if you find any interest in it:

Here's an Orthodox "digital library" some of us put together years ago...haven't done anything with it for years, but it still has good articles in it:

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youtube tryna tell me something

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I'm late to the conversation, but he's right on Missouri Synod Lutherans cucking. I talked with a preacher (If that's what they call themselves, idk) via email before visiting a church near me. He completely renounced Martin's view of Jews. Blamed it on him being old and bitter after losing his daughter. Even made sure to point out that their church is not antisemitic. Being an avid supporter of antisemitism myself, we didn't visit the church.