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This guy is renowned and focuses on poverty in urban and rural areas, so it'll be good for the charity aspect.

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Just stick to the script, and record it, so they can't twist your words

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And you have to tell them you are recording

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It's criminal to not tell them, especially interstate calls

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Who is the reporter? @katherine

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Yeah recording is a good idea. I've been in a bunch of video interviews and avoided doxxing by using aliases and fake info about myself. Also if you don't want to answer a question or can't, you don't have to and they more than likely won't mention that you refused to answer a question because it doesn't benefit their piece.

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His name is Terry McCoy.

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He's been contacting everyone. He just interviewed someone I know earlier today

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They are up to something, working some kind of angle, planning some big story @katherine I'm just not sure what it is

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Why else would he be contacting literally hundreds of people?

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He's trying to find out something, so I'm hoping to make it primarily about TWP.

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This is a good chance to shift the narrative if we can handle it correctly. It could be good PR

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"What's the official party position?"

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They're probably trying to get a vague idea of "far right politics", so I'd like to make it more about TWP and less vague.

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Make sure you and whoever else is working with you coach these guys properly @katherine If you need anything from me, let me know. This could be very good if done right. In case you're wondering who I am...I'll PM you

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Official Party Position:

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I haven’t eaten any thing all day. I guess I can’t be a trad worker.

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^IE tier

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Yeah, Spencer doesn’t like them being fat

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Kill this guy^

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The virgin IE barely eats and has the frail body of a woman vs. The Chad Trad constantly eating and having a manly bulkiness as a bear preparing for winter.

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Become Who We Anorexic

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Wait hol up where did the eatin' again meme come from?

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IRL observation.

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Buffet nationalism

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Party fondness of tendies and tacos.

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If you don’t like tendies with ranch, you’re not white and are probably a faggot

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Gourmet honey mustard tho.

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Honey mustard can be good too

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<:tradworkersymbol:374584413561946114> 🍴 🔃

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the offical party postion is barrel bomb assadism

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These memes man

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