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2018-07-16 15:22:58 UTC  

Now that the World Cup has concluded, I'd like to take this moment to remind everyone @here of this comparison:

2018-07-16 15:23:14 UTC  

The French team

2018-07-16 15:24:26 UTC  

versus the Italian team

2018-07-19 02:10:51 UTC  

@here vote on the new proposed rule! ✅ for yes or ❎ for no

2018-07-19 15:18:56 UTC  


2018-07-21 22:51:56 UTC  

@everyone check out our new <#470099397288656907> system and select any Religious or Ideological roles that best describe you!

2018-07-22 22:16:28 UTC  

@here Live Book Reading: Ride the Tiger - Chapter 1 Link:

2018-07-23 01:12:29 UTC

2018-07-27 23:40:29 UTC  

**@everyone Join the Backup server!**

2018-07-30 02:05:31 UTC  

Does @qatal zanjiun kill voice chats by acting like a dickhead?
✅ = agree
❎ = disagree
@everyone <#436758397073752066>

2018-08-02 12:45:14 UTC  

@everyone what do you see in this image?

2018-08-14 02:04:09 UTC  

Does @fzeroppy act far too much like a stereotypical incel? @here

2018-08-21 22:27:10 UTC  

@here Our dear friend, @Deleted User, has gotten one of his shitposts posted on reddit!

2018-08-21 22:39:09 UTC  

Special thanks to <@300373317431590912> for apparently being the one who made it happen! @here

2018-09-04 02:15:31 UTC  

Zoltan SA#4633
Tazer Swift#9917
Joe Fields#9715
TADER BROS Ltd.#1488
ᛗ ᛉ Cartaphilus ᚷ ᚱ ᚦ#4099
Bully the anti-Billy#6637
Shmuel Hydeberg#6694
BlueBaby ⚡⚡#4470
Eternal Wilhelm#0447
Martin Luther#6516
Shyster from Belmont#2647
Sid Boormann#7298
Varg Vikernes#1030
Ordo Hyperionis#9069
White Trashionalism#9574
P H ᗗ Z E#3520

2018-09-04 02:16:29 UTC  

@here RIP to all the accounts that were banned and deleted by Discord just now. Press 🇫 to pay respects.

2018-09-09 23:00:22 UTC  

@everyone **Partnerships**
If you want to partner with this server, you must have over 100 users, a dedicated partnership channel and contact @GoogleThis

We will partner with most any serve that meets these requirements but mass DMing members of the server to try and advertise your own is not allowed!

2018-09-15 13:40:34 UTC  

**@everyone Join the Backup server!**

2018-10-09 02:58:19 UTC  

Do any of you actually support Antifa? @everyone

2018-10-29 05:35:17 UTC  
2018-11-26 06:02:25 UTC  


2018-12-02 22:03:40 UTC
@everyone What do you guys think of this? Discuss in <#436758397073752066>

2018-12-09 04:35:30 UTC  

@everyone Say goodbye to your videogames you goddamn degenerates!

2018-12-09 06:53:25 UTC  

@everyone Online based sex-workers are being reported to the IRS for tax invasion and unreported income.

2018-12-10 08:52:33 UTC  

What do you think of the Global Compact for Migration? @everyone

The Opening of the Conference to Adopt the Global Compact For Migration:

Proposed Global Compact for Migration Act:

2018-12-13 21:56:47 UTC  

@here A bunch of bots joined the server from the online advertisement on to advertise. If you get any advertisement messages please block the account it came from and feel free to report if you so wish.

2018-12-18 07:21:26 UTC  

I reorganized the <#470099397288656907> and added a few more that I felt were missing. Please take a look at <#470099397288656907> and pick the ones that best fit you. @everyone

2018-12-25 01:31:24 UTC  

```Concerning the server `Thonk`

Thonk chose to align with UnicornRiot members who were actively trying to dox "far-right" members of the server.

The admins of the server Thonk, @Hebron#1234, @actual_communist_boi#7217, @Diglett#9649 and @kalo#9999, were actively allowing members of the server to record and compile information which could later be used to dox other members. This type of behavior is unacceptable.

@Hebron#1234 is especially known to produce fake screenshots by using the inspect element function on the discord browser and then distributing it to slander users.

@Diglett#9649 has recorded other users without their consent or awareness in voice chats and continues to do so.

Admin Team's Accounts:

@Hebron#1234 His accounts:
Salah#2052 User ID: 519267837676617758
Fluffy#5387 User ID: 511393268844593164
Hebron#1234 User ID: 481535393557119006

@actual_communist_boi#7217 His accounts:
actual_communist_boi#7217 User ID: 399360933476040714

@Diglett#9649 His accounts:
Diglett#9649 User ID: 143190797586530304
Actual_Israel_Boi#9447 User ID: 176452240121266182
Creideamh agus Athartha#3851 User ID: 482864416690274314

@kalo#9999 His accounts:
kalo#9999 User ID: 392022149013045261

Thonk Server ID: 512189332296040449```

2018-12-27 04:18:49 UTC  

**__UPDATE: __**

Screenshots of two Admins from the server `Thonk`, @actual_communist_boi#7217 and @kalo#9999, admitting to allowing the compiling of information and further doxxing of the members of their server. @everyone

User ID: `399360933476040714`

User ID: `392022149013045261`

Comment ID of their admission: `527000259356917790`

2018-12-27 04:19:14 UTC

2018-12-27 04:19:18 UTC

2019-01-01 03:20:46 UTC  

@everyone Thonk is dead! Feel free to invite your friends from the server to here!
`Now that Thonk is down, feel free to join!`

2019-01-01 06:40:39 UTC  

Happy New Years @everyone!!!

2019-01-27 02:56:49 UTC  

Someone uploaded a video of what seems to be a women pissing on another women while a man in a suit watches in a chair. Some are claiming that it's allegedly the Trump piss tape. What do you guys think? @everyone


2019-01-29 05:36:22 UTC  

Buzzfeed and Huffpost are doing cutbacks that fires an estimated 15% of their employs.
The 'Journalist' who were fired are getting tweeted "Learn to code" as a reference to earlier statements from online media organizations concerning blue-collar worker layoffs and why they should just deal with it by learning new skills like coding. @everyone