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2017-02-22 04:01:33 UTC  

"It is well that war is so terrible, or else we would never grow tired of it."

2017-02-22 04:03:18 UTC  

Carton De Wiart wrote a book called "Happy Odyssey"

2017-02-22 04:03:23 UTC  

I don't know. I mean yeah I feel the same urge, but my ideal life would be completely free of any sort of war.

2017-02-22 04:03:33 UTC  

It was about all the wars he'd been in

2017-02-22 04:04:03 UTC  

From like 1899-1945

2017-02-22 04:04:31 UTC  

war, war never changes

2017-02-22 04:04:43 UTC  
2017-02-22 04:04:48 UTC  

yeah tbh it WAS fun

2017-02-22 04:04:50 UTC  

its hard to admit

2017-02-22 04:04:55 UTC  

but its something im working on in therapy

2017-02-22 04:05:06 UTC  

yeah almsot all is my personal footage

2017-02-22 04:05:32 UTC  

2002-2007 were some CRAZY years ill never forget

2017-02-22 04:05:33 UTC  

ahh therapy

2017-02-22 04:05:35 UTC  

I hate it

2017-02-22 04:05:38 UTC  

still feels like yesterday

2017-02-22 04:05:39 UTC  

They always pry

2017-02-22 04:05:49 UTC  


2017-02-22 04:05:52 UTC  

like drink bleach faggot I'm not telling you my life story

2017-02-22 04:06:01 UTC  

I don't mean to sound presumptuous, but I can see where you are coming from with the whole "PTSD but enjoyed it" think.

2017-02-22 04:06:06 UTC  


2017-02-22 04:06:13 UTC  

part of the ptsd is why i want to go back so bad

2017-02-22 04:06:34 UTC  

when i went last year to fight with the Kurds i was so happy, like happier than id ever been in years

2017-02-22 04:06:37 UTC

2017-02-22 04:06:42 UTC  

but now that im back i just dont know what to do

2017-02-22 04:07:01 UTC  

dont feel bad about being "presumtions" or prying, im happy to answer anything, im an open book

2017-02-22 04:07:19 UTC  

just kind of in a bad place tonight, and talking helps

2017-02-22 04:07:35 UTC  

What's warfare like?

2017-02-22 04:07:53 UTC  

Crazy, confusing, loud, but at the same time all your senses are 200%

2017-02-22 04:08:08 UTC  

Did you ever kill someone?

2017-02-22 04:08:15 UTC  

give me sec

2017-02-22 04:08:49 UTC  

yeah a couple

2017-02-22 04:08:52 UTC  

not giving out a number

2017-02-22 04:09:16 UTC  

How does it feel?

2017-02-22 04:09:16 UTC

2017-02-22 04:09:24 UTC  


2017-02-22 04:09:28 UTC  

What would you say the US K/D ratio was? Do our forces take out more terrorists than they lose?

2017-02-22 04:09:40 UTC  

pretty fucking good, not like OMG i illed someone, but like FUCK YEAH I DID MY JOB AND IM STILL ALIVE

2017-02-22 04:10:02 UTC  

Do you think that's common?

2017-02-22 04:10:09 UTC  

i saw a lot of that

2017-02-22 04:10:19 UTC  

especially in the Marines, were trained to want that kill

2017-02-22 04:10:23 UTC  

and it feels good