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We could spend days going over the idiocy of our street careers I'm sure. I started really early 12/13 Juvenile life sentence didn't slow me up, federal prison didn't slow me up, I'm basically a fucking retard. Freely admit that, funny thing is the retard tends to only come out once mind altering substances are introduced, once that happens all bets are off

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I've actually got a lot to atone for

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Yeah...I'd say I'm pretty civil and mild mannered guy sober, maybe, but a nice speedball that doesn't knock you out cold gives such an ego boost you could start DOTR right that instant

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And you behave accordingly.

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The choir you are preaching too agrees. It's a special kind of insanity.

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One I'm half ashamed & half proud I survived

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I do think my life experience can be of service. Of that I have no doubt

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I'd like to think so too.

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Just trying to find my spot

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It's a unique set of skills we bring to the table... still haven't totally figured out where they can help the most

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Talked about it earlier, but the most important thing is the community, and props to TWP for acknowledging it. To support you and have someone to be accountable to.

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The relationship you have with comrades is so totally different to one you have to junkies.

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The upshot is I'm basically totally unimpeded by standard societal norms.

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& The standard threats are basically hollow for me.

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Social stigma is a powerful weapon to the uninitiated....but we are initiated, are we not

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Very much so

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I'm kinda curious how many NatSoc guys originated in similar enviroments.

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Crime/Drug stuff

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More than I think most realize

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I did. I just don't talk about it much XD

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You can't trust the junkies with anything, and you know the difference between loving one and hating one can change in an eyeblink. While you can trust your comrades with your life.

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It's therapeutic, sort of anonymous natsoc peer support

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My stuff is more crime than drug oriented. Funny talking about anything like in a message board XXDD

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What's funny is I avoided all the guys in the joint just bc they seemed to be such a fucking stereo type. I read their literature & I kept it cordial, but I kept my distance. It was an old lifer that started the red pill process for me. To be fair I was an easy target, I've been a revolutionary my entire life, all he had to do was wake me up & show me that we needed to build instead of destroy

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I know so many ex druggie natsocs it isn't even funny.

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Even just online.

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@My Name Is Hate That sounds like an awesome story

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And yes.

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Now here's where it gets beyond weird... They just transferred him from Fed prison to state, guess what his randomly assigned number is?

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Lucky you were put on the right road.

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I just turned 40 when it happened too... coincidence? Or avatar?

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You be the judge

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When I went to Sweden in December, cabin number 0880

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