Message from Sammy Woodchipperz in tradworker #tradworker

2017-12-05 05:59:04 UTC  

That’s Patrick Casey, formerly known as Reinhard Wolff

2017-12-05 05:59:11 UTC  


2017-12-05 05:59:15 UTC  

Now I remember.

2017-12-05 05:59:20 UTC  

Is he a homosex?

2017-12-05 05:59:29 UTC  


2017-12-05 05:59:30 UTC  

There’s rumors he is

2017-12-05 05:59:37 UTC  

I feel bad for Eli tbh

2017-12-05 05:59:51 UTC  

Eli is fine

2017-12-05 05:59:57 UTC  

Idc either way though. He and Nathan are spiritual mamzers.

2017-12-05 06:00:05 UTC  

I feel bad for the wasted manpower and resources of that group

2017-12-05 06:00:13 UTC  


2017-12-05 06:00:22 UTC  

@MatthewHeimbach were IE with you in DC?

2017-12-05 06:00:26 UTC  

Or did they do their own thing

2017-12-05 06:00:29 UTC  

I want to get all the good guys out of there

2017-12-05 06:00:36 UTC  

IT was basically just us, and then the Spencer elite circle

2017-12-05 06:00:37 UTC  

They have more members than the NSWWP did and they fail to capitalize on it.

2017-12-05 06:00:46 UTC  

And have them stop sending IE their money

2017-12-05 06:00:48 UTC  

What's Spencer waiting for?

2017-12-05 06:00:56 UTC  

TWP always answers the call

2017-12-05 06:01:06 UTC  

@Spiritchef there were a few there, but it was just for show

2017-12-05 06:01:39 UTC  

IE doesn’t want to be seen with Spencer or Heimbach any more

2017-12-05 06:01:45 UTC  

Who could resist this guy's call?

2017-12-05 06:02:01 UTC

2017-12-05 06:02:25 UTC  

Why doesn't IE want to be seen with Spencer?

2017-12-05 06:02:39 UTC  

I thought he basically ran it

2017-12-05 06:02:48 UTC  

@Sammy Woodchipperz @brig kek he owns the LLC

2017-12-05 06:03:10 UTC  

Nah Ie has gotten hostile with spencer as well as of late

2017-12-05 06:03:21 UTC  

Wait, does he not own the org anymore?

2017-12-05 06:03:28 UTC  

IE has always been ran by Nathan

2017-12-05 06:03:32 UTC  

It was my understanding he had the legal rights, huh.

2017-12-05 06:03:34 UTC  

Never Spencer

2017-12-05 06:03:52 UTC  

Spencer is fine; he's being cool with us and he's moving more and more to the NS direction

2017-12-05 06:03:58 UTC  

Nathan however is a cowardly cocksucker

2017-12-05 06:04:02 UTC  

He ran it even when Gage was chairman, back when it was NYF

2017-12-05 06:04:22 UTC  

Nathan needs the dues money to pay rent and buy cars

2017-12-05 06:04:46 UTC  

Nathan used to tell me to chill with “the nazi stuff” in pms on FB back when NYF was a thing

2017-12-05 06:05:28 UTC  

Didn't he threaten to report people to the feds?

2017-12-05 06:05:29 UTC  

I guess IE has their purpose though. I’ll continue to don my bowl

2017-12-05 06:05:44 UTC  

IE has no useful purpose anymore

2017-12-05 06:05:44 UTC  

It should but it really does not

2017-12-05 06:05:49 UTC  

Nathan is a liar, a backstabber, and a coward; end of story. He acts like a pathetic optics cucking maggot