Message from Ms.ElleFish in tradworker #tradworker

2018-01-21 12:29:04 UTC  

gents pls if you see this fuk boi in knoxville pls give him a party

2018-01-21 12:29:13 UTC

2018-01-21 12:48:15 UTC  

That niccas beard is attrocious

2018-01-21 12:56:15 UTC  

its disgusting, i dealt with [REDACTED] for a damn year in nashville, but never had the right opportunity to give him a party

2018-01-21 12:56:44 UTC  

hes a nastly little troll

2018-01-21 15:04:11 UTC  

first it was attacking ppl cause fashy stabbing over a t shirt

2018-01-21 15:34:29 UTC  

putting work in

2018-01-21 16:25:49 UTC  

Is there a Knoxville stream???

2018-01-21 16:27:46 UTC  

I think backroom Knox on fb is goin to do an ls

2018-01-21 16:28:45 UTC  
2018-01-21 16:32:48 UTC  


2018-01-21 16:33:27 UTC  

Unconfirmed reports of [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] on the ground

2018-01-21 16:40:53 UTC  

Good luck today I'll be watching closely. What time does it begin for you boys?

2018-01-21 16:50:06 UTC  

Good luck to my brothers & comrades on the ground in Knoxville. Do us proud

2018-01-21 16:57:14 UTC  

Oh shit where are we gonna meet now?

2018-01-21 16:57:48 UTC  

Does that mean a rat is present ?

2018-01-21 16:57:51 UTC  


2018-01-21 17:00:15 UTC  

Was that info in this chat?

2018-01-21 17:01:06 UTC  

No I never saw anything here

2018-01-21 17:01:31 UTC  

So means there is a rat somewhere i guess

2018-01-21 17:02:22 UTC  

there's a rat in person?

2018-01-21 17:02:36 UTC  

Welp .... proper rat finding procedures are easy enough

2018-01-21 17:02:55 UTC  

There has to be doesnt there ?

2018-01-21 17:03:02 UTC  

Who’s on the ground atm?

2018-01-21 17:03:06 UTC  

Where was this info given and *who* received it?

2018-01-21 17:03:13 UTC  

That narrows it down

2018-01-21 17:03:35 UTC  

@boilerplate idk but thats a good start

2018-01-21 17:03:43 UTC  

If anyone is using signal app for comms stop asap

2018-01-21 17:03:57 UTC  

This info could have been shared via an app like that

2018-01-21 17:04:04 UTC  

Very insecure

2018-01-21 17:04:34 UTC  

Everyone who received info break groups down into smaller groups and feed disinfo down the pike.

2018-01-21 17:05:27 UTC  

See if it comes out the other end is what i would do personally. But im sure you guys can handle inhouse

2018-01-21 17:06:49 UTC  

It was a fake leak. We're a few steps ahead of these dipshits.

2018-01-21 17:07:19 UTC  

thank goodness

2018-01-21 17:07:39 UTC  

Aaawww fedora tipped

2018-01-21 17:08:10 UTC  

I have the unglamorous job of sitting at home in my pajamas and monitoring antifa chatter.

2018-01-21 17:08:18 UTC  


2018-01-21 17:08:30 UTC