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Right, I agree we need to create infrastructure that will outlast us

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Actually 90s was perhaps the worst time any of us has lived through. USSR collapsed, and it seemed like USA had achieved global, endsieg of liberal democracy, and Great Satan has become the undeniable ruler of unipolar world, and degeneracy speeded up considerably and everything culminated in Obama getting elected. Around that time the ethno nationalist forces woke up in Europe, and almost a decade later you're seeing the results. I think USA will follow us, just lagging behind a few years. Electing a civic cuck before getting disappointed and then fully embracing ethnic nationalism was something we all went through.

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We have no "shape"...we just have propaganda and a bunch of radicalized goys...none of that will last in a system collapse. Surely none of it will last if we have a gradual decline (which is what I am expecting).

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In some ways the US is behind Europe, in some ways we're ahead of them. It's an odd situation

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@John Mosby Yeah, fair.

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Its almost like we're different places with different paths to victory or something

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the US has its own unique problem to deal with. the Europeans can totally kick out all the nonwhites in a racial Reconquista

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however, the US was built upon classical liberal lies

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and has been diluted with brown shit.

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the American Futurism thread on IronMarch is a good read about this.

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America is the Enlightenment incarnated. Our liberalism has provided us with some "thought security", but that is about it.

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those American nationalist fags delude themselves if they think the Founding Fathers were "proto-Fascists who wanted a white ethnostate"

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They did want America for whites, though

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even the abolitionists didn't think niggers could be social equals

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Bought that today

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and Chinese werelegally excluded

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Read George Fitzhugh...the first Southern (national) socialist. He attributes all of our ills to modernism, the Enlightenment, and proto-Judeo-"Christianity".

American "nationalists" are retarded, if they think that the empire can be never existed.

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I agree i dont mind workin with the American nationalist but i would be lying if i said i identified with america at all

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I like America not as an idea but in the tangible form it used to be in; white only authoritarian democracy, like what Rockwell wanted

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>falling for the democracy meme

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I'm a Southern nationalist...more specifically, I am an Franklinite.

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I'm a Southern Natioalist born and raised, but I'm getting more and more pessimistic about Dixie's changes. We're ground zero for non-whites

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that may be the case, however, America from the way it was set up was destined to eventually be filled with degeneration and Marxism

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and thus influx of nonwhites.

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@Kamrin Nice. Which brand / model?

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@Ian Booton that just means you get to be ground zero for the race war

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Looking at getting a GP100 at some point

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Ruger sp101

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I traded in an old single action black hawk for it.

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@Ian Booton

Where in the South do u live?

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Georgia. Family's been here since before independence

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Nice! My family are original Georgia Crackers. Settled GA about 75 years after settling Jamestown.

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I'm in East TN, myself (TX boy, originally).

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Damn straight

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Hail Oglethorpe!

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@Ian Booton

Are you TWP?

2017-11-12 05:54:25 UTC