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2017-09-21 11:02:42 UTC  

Yeah you can buy as little as $1 of bitcoins

2017-09-21 15:56:54 UTC  

So when you purchase something with bitcoin, do you enter the literal decimal value of your bit coin or do you enter the dollar value and it automatically converts it and takes it out of your bitcoin

2017-09-21 15:58:37 UTC  

Atlest with coin bace yo put in the decimal value

2017-09-21 15:59:32 UTC  

The receipt from Fash emporium has it on it

2017-09-21 16:00:21 UTC  

Quick rundown on how to make a Bitcoin purchase?

2017-09-21 16:03:11 UTC  

Heimbach when are we gonna meet up at ricks?

2017-09-21 16:08:28 UTC  

You just get a bitcoin wallet and hit buy bit coins

2017-09-21 16:08:47 UTC  

Then you use a CC or bank account to buy the BC

2017-09-21 16:12:21 UTC  

What is a good wallet?

2017-09-21 16:13:18 UTC  

So say I want to buy a shirt and membership on FashEmporium. I use app, buy percentage of coin, go to FashEmporium and then it uses the wallet?

2017-09-21 16:13:38 UTC  

Parrott told me to use Coin Base

2017-09-21 16:14:12 UTC  

You have to manually sent the bit coins after you make the perches

2017-09-21 16:16:02 UTC  

Your receipt has the bit bloc address to send them to and the amount of BC to send

2017-09-21 16:18:42 UTC  

Okay thanks man. Hopefully I can figure this out.

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2017-09-21 18:58:28 UTC  

I've got a better one

2017-09-21 18:58:54 UTC  

Well maybe not better, but good too

2017-09-21 18:58:58 UTC

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2017-09-21 19:49:51 UTC  

Why? Whatd they do?

2017-09-21 19:50:32 UTC  

Lol. Tigger on the Nigger 😂

2017-09-21 19:51:44 UTC  

Oh right werent they posting aome weird shit a couple of days ago

2017-09-21 20:06:53 UTC  

The cookout at my place is off for now

2017-09-21 20:44:26 UTC  

Some of the NY pool party guys are cool

2017-09-21 20:46:18 UTC  

Is the inherent neetness largely involved

2017-09-21 20:46:47 UTC  

I mean just the general trappings of being a neet that can cause issues like this

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2017-09-22 00:06:50 UTC  

wtf I love wolves now

2017-09-22 00:30:59 UTC  

Super good boy

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2017-09-22 00:43:16 UTC  

Hezbollah needs to make a "Counter (((Isra-helli))) Wolf Force"

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Great speech actually

2017-09-22 01:07:18 UTC  

sharing it to my Page

2017-09-22 01:17:43 UTC  

Wolves attacking Israeli's
That is the most NSBM thing I've seen