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2017-08-22 22:37:17 UTC  

He's the farthest thing from a Trotskyist, more like a right wing Stalinist.

2017-08-22 22:38:34 UTC  

He is supposedly mentoring thru red ice radio. I don't know, another lead to follow into oblivion

2017-08-22 22:38:58 UTC  

Sorry, don't know where that come from.

2017-08-22 22:43:22 UTC  

Dugin was leading two NazBol parties in Russia until he split with Limonov and now advocates "Fourth Political Theory" aka geopolitical plan which is pretty much USSR without communism.

2017-08-22 22:43:41 UTC  

Russia fans sometimes promote him for the sole reason of opposing the West.

2017-08-22 23:09:33 UTC  

Is it worth looking into, meaning, does his ideas have legs $$$, or is he just a kook.

2017-08-22 23:39:02 UTC  

Fr. Johnson (The Orthodox Nationalist) had a good podcast on Dugin recently. Worth looking into if you want to understand Russian/Eurasian philosophy more but otherwise he's not very relevant to us, especially since he speaks in terms very unfamiliar to Westerners and is therefore easily misunderstood.

2017-08-22 23:49:31 UTC  

Was this the guy that stayed at the TWP house?

2017-08-22 23:53:54 UTC  

Yeah we rode in with that guy.

2017-08-22 23:54:31 UTC  

Specifically me and another comrade. To Cville. He said he got arrested and was released.

2017-08-22 23:54:57 UTC  

Apparently Henrik doesn't know who he is.

2017-08-22 23:55:14 UTC  

Yeah he just supports them. He never claimed media affiliation.

2017-08-22 23:55:20 UTC  

I asked him.

2017-08-22 23:55:21 UTC  

Ah gotcha

2017-08-22 23:55:36 UTC  

I'll pass it on.

2017-08-22 23:55:42 UTC  

Sucks I missed Henrik there.

2017-08-22 23:56:09 UTC  

Yea he seemed like he was a cool guy. just got to be sure.

2017-08-22 23:56:14 UTC  

I was two feet from Duke and Spencer at one point. A comrade went to his after party and said Duke was flexing on everyone.

2017-08-22 23:58:05 UTC  

Yea, father Johnson says that Putin is good for standing up to the banking and corporations and oligarchy and improving the economy. He wroth Putin Populist.

2017-08-22 23:58:39 UTC  

Putin seems enigma to me. Banning Holocaust revisionism. Persecuting nationalists.

2017-08-22 23:59:12 UTC  

Typical Russian tbh, they tend to be "based" in many ways but have a complex with Muh Glorious Soviet Heritage

2017-08-22 23:59:30 UTC  

Kind of like American civic nationalists in a way

2017-08-23 00:00:17 UTC  

Or Poles

2017-08-23 00:00:40 UTC  

No offense meant to any who may be here.

2017-08-23 00:00:41 UTC  

Well father Johnson is kind of an expert

2017-08-23 00:01:56 UTC  

Yeah true.

2017-08-23 00:02:06 UTC  

They don't wanna admit Hitler's way was better.

2017-08-23 00:02:37 UTC  

Father Johnson is an expert and a good man but when you become obsessed sometimes your view becomes less objective.

2017-08-23 00:02:49 UTC  

He may want to see more in Putin than there is to see.

2017-08-23 00:02:58 UTC  

I'll have to look into it some more

2017-08-23 00:03:08 UTC  

He sees things very much through the Russian/Old Believer perspective and that can be difficult to translate, as it were

2017-08-23 00:03:28 UTC  

And you may be right about the optimism too.

2017-08-23 00:04:58 UTC  

But he speaks Russian

2017-08-23 00:06:09 UTC  

He does have access to a lot of information that we don't. So I generally trust his opinion as I know very little about his field of expertise.

2017-08-23 00:08:07 UTC  

Yea I listen to him

2017-08-23 00:08:35 UTC  

He makes a compelling case for conversion to Orthodoxy.

2017-08-23 00:09:20 UTC  

I trust his counsel. I talked with him a good bit at Cville in the hatecabin.

2017-08-23 00:09:54 UTC  

Wish I could have been at that, never got a chance to speak with him at Pikeville

2017-08-23 00:10:43 UTC  

Yea I go to orthodox church but I never met him

2017-08-23 00:10:56 UTC  

We need men like him and he should have more of a platform in it.

2017-08-23 00:11:20 UTC