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2017-08-25 18:55:17 UTC  

Don't tell me you were a cucked boy 😜

2017-08-25 18:55:42 UTC  

nah, I don't think any of them are up here anywho

2017-08-25 18:55:53 UTC  

So an a better note I think I have an idea for a RI TWP battle flag

2017-08-25 18:55:58 UTC  

just Book Clubs and TWP for me atm

2017-08-25 18:56:41 UTC  

Thinking of the nation of RI flag but removing the stars and using the TWP war eagle in its place

2017-08-25 18:56:54 UTC  

and the TRS discord guys

2017-08-25 18:57:04 UTC  

over the anchor?

2017-08-25 18:57:08 UTC  

that could be cool

2017-08-25 18:57:39 UTC  

The old nation of RI flag had 13 stars on a blue field on the left side of the flag

2017-08-25 18:57:52 UTC  


2017-08-25 18:58:17 UTC  

Let me see if this will load

2017-08-25 19:06:54 UTC  

Take the stars off and replace them with the War eagle with the TWP logo

2017-08-25 19:08:36 UTC  


2017-08-25 19:08:52 UTC  

I dig it

2017-08-25 20:24:51 UTC  

Fuck him.

2017-08-25 20:25:22 UTC  

We're just racist nazis to him lol. He said so.

2017-08-25 20:26:10 UTC  

He backed off that

2017-08-25 20:26:21 UTC  

He posts jared taylor and talks about white issues

2017-08-25 20:28:17 UTC  

This may teach him a lessen and show the other alt light that they need to work with us if they want want anything... OFC in the long run we don't want what they want being they want to save America in the form it is in now and we want to balkanize the country in to smaller nations ... but that is for latter

2017-08-25 20:30:09 UTC

2017-08-25 20:30:31 UTC

2017-08-25 20:30:53 UTC  

He is also cool with alot of book club guys

2017-08-25 20:31:21 UTC  

He had hapa kids before being exposed to white nationalism

2017-08-25 20:31:42 UTC  

Despite what gavin wants proud boys are crypto white nationalists

2017-08-25 20:38:14 UTC  

as he signals against us at the end of that article.. is it just for "appearances" or does he really feel that way

man, fuck that guy lol

2017-08-25 20:41:01 UTC  

Yeah I guess he does

2017-08-25 20:41:09 UTC  

God man pick a fucking lane

2017-08-25 20:45:10 UTC  

He needs the buttplug slapped out of him.

2017-08-25 21:03:48 UTC  

BLM protest in Kennesaw, GA at Wildman's shop on Sunday

2017-08-25 21:03:58 UTC  

Just left there

2017-08-25 21:04:48 UTC  

@jtlowe83 saw message from earlier would love to! Fucking phone keyboard

2017-08-25 21:11:50 UTC  

I'll keep ya posted, but other than the book club meetups when Whitegnome is actually at his place in Lowell (he travels a bunch for work)

2017-08-25 21:12:00 UTC  

the rest of us hang out a bunch on the weekends

2017-08-25 21:12:09 UTC  


2017-08-25 21:12:19 UTC  

I think we are trying to meetup Saturday to watch the McGreggor fight or whatever

2017-08-25 21:12:34 UTC  

I'll let ya know if you are interested

2017-08-25 21:12:46 UTC  

Ok Ill check my schedule