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2017-08-31 06:38:18 UTC  

at this point

2017-08-31 06:39:02 UTC  

A lot of people here seem to have the tendency to attract the shitty types.

2017-08-31 06:39:50 UTC  

Well I was with a chick for 5+ years, I had every intention of marrying and making children with... wanted to go into the military.. she talked me out of it and gave me every indication she wasn't going to wait around for me... and then I stayed and she still cheated on me

2017-08-31 06:39:57 UTC  

I wanted to kill that bitch

2017-08-31 06:40:35 UTC  

glad I didn't, jail doesn't look like a good time

2017-08-31 06:40:56 UTC  

I want to remind you all tha tthis channel is not private nor secure.

2017-08-31 06:41:05 UTC  


2017-08-31 06:41:15 UTC  

But I do know how it goes man, a lot of us do.

2017-08-31 06:41:31 UTC  

I did nothing wrong at this point

2017-08-31 06:41:34 UTC  

just anger

2017-08-31 06:41:34 UTC  

Shit sucks. Can't really give advice regarding that, I'm surrounded by pillheads and whores.

2017-08-31 06:41:56 UTC  

You're good, say what you want I was just stating that in the case anyone could be monitering.

2017-08-31 06:42:16 UTC  

Yeah, lol.
I went up to the store and there was some cracked out black hooker outside it.

2017-08-31 06:42:19 UTC  

I mean If it was that worried about it I would make up a name

2017-08-31 06:42:26 UTC  

Shits fucked her, opiates ruined this area.

2017-08-31 06:42:27 UTC  

I'm so doxxable at this point

2017-08-31 06:42:32 UTC  

FYI, no platforum outside of like Signal or Wickr is secure, and should be treated like that.

2017-08-31 06:42:35 UTC  

It's all good my man, all good.

2017-08-31 06:42:48 UTC  

that the only reason someone couldn't find me is they don't know how to use google

2017-08-31 06:43:22 UTC  

Yeah man don't even get me started on that drug shit, I've probably seen more junkie whores than actual people around my hood.

2017-08-31 06:43:26 UTC  

but I hope to meet more TWP brothers

2017-08-31 06:43:29 UTC  


2017-08-31 06:43:35 UTC  

it is lonely up in RI

2017-08-31 06:44:04 UTC  

I used to do painkillers, I'm rather open about this fact.

2017-08-31 06:44:28 UTC  

But yeah, the dope and all that shit has been horrible. Like it's not like a ghetto here.

2017-08-31 06:44:29 UTC  

I used to do everything every day for years, opiates were my weakness as well.

2017-08-31 06:44:35 UTC  

It's a fucking suburb turning into one.

2017-08-31 06:44:37 UTC  

I'm glad to know Kevin and Victor up here.... only two peeps I know in RI

2017-08-31 06:44:48 UTC  

Oxys mang

2017-08-31 06:44:59 UTC  

from TWP atleast

2017-08-31 06:45:10 UTC  

IDK who else is around you.

2017-08-31 06:45:19 UTC  

I attend a Daily Stormer Book Club up in Lowell Mass

2017-08-31 06:45:24 UTC  

that is fun

2017-08-31 06:45:41 UTC  


2017-08-31 06:45:52 UTC  

Always good to be around other comrades.

2017-08-31 06:46:19 UTC  

just glad I got to meet those two dudes and go down to C-Ville with them

2017-08-31 06:46:25 UTC  

good times

2017-08-31 06:46:33 UTC  

Cville was S A V A G E

2017-08-31 06:46:41 UTC  

yes yes

2017-08-31 06:46:43 UTC  

good times

2017-08-31 06:46:46 UTC  

Got to know a lot of girls but I'd rather chop off my fingers than go steady with those types. You know what I'm talking about.