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Esoteric Hitlerites

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Good job changing it from art lol

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nah i am mainly agnostic

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but i like savitri devi

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and miguel serrano

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and evola

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I have mixed feelings about EH but won't countersignal here
There is definitely value there.

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Evola is cool.

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agnostic leaning towards Roman paganism

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i would rather wait and take art classes in Argentina or Europe

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Who are those people you listed?

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savitri devi was an national socialist greek descent she did alot for animal activism and she viewed Hitler as an avatar.

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An avatar for what?

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She was into hinduism and her famous works was the lighting and the sun. She wrote to GLR and he responded she was really respected by William pierce and GLR.

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Hitler was the 9th avatar of Vishnu. It's too limited saying she was a hindu, she believed in ancient pan aryan indo aryan religion.

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She is one of my idols she did alot for the movement.

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Yeah, read all she's written, love her.

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I usually dont know other people that likes her style of National socialism.

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This channel is not an appropriate platform to be evangelizing any religious beliefs.

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Does anybody here know of anything in regards to National Action? Like charities to ways to support them? I have a friend asking, and I didn't think they were relevant here in the US but it's not my area of expertise. Any advice on what i should respond to her with?

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@Commander Johnson They've got like three bullshit trials going on right now, if there are convictions then the names of the POWs will probably be released and I suggest giving them all your support.

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@Commander Johnson NA has been frozen.

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N4UK has been reporting in. There is Graham Moore & Dave Russel.

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Both of whom are aggressively pushing for Gun Rights in The UK & are pushing Brexit.

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Nice optics at the PF demo. Lacks a virality hook, though.

We need to improve our optics. They need to improve their virality.

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What's with the nibba holding a bouquet?

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They laid a wreath at the monument.

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PF is led by a traitor

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it's formed out of the Tommunists who got kicked out of VA

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Still better than Evropa.

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Round 1 of "Why American Nationalism is done"

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>quoting Hitler

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I remember Anglin once banned one of my sock accounts from the DS forums for quoting Hitler

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Im in a couple different discords that arent ours. People seem to be really unaware of what anglin is doing. They are siding with him until i give them info. Like how he did the book clubs (no members on nf and what not). Also things like saying we shouldnt target the working class.

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National Socialism will steamroll these doofuses