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We will do so once we are at a considerable size. For now we will publish propaganda throughout Vegas.

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Especially since most in my Chapter are still in High School.

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Concerning the events of July 15th, Michael Carroll Stadium, the Indy11 soccer game against the Jacksonville Armada.

In a joint effort between Confederate Blood and Honor (C28) and the Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP) what was dubbed, “Operation Brickyard” went into effect. The goals I had in mind were this:

1. To see how many people can be mobilized to the Indianapolis Metro area given a 1 month's notice.

2. To lay the foundation to start a right-wing Firm called, “Hoosier Headhunters.”

3. To see how the Anti-Fascists (Antifa) would respond to a spontaneous right-wing event.

4. To engage in a psychological tactic of giving a show of force to Antifa and grab media attention, i.e. “We're not afraid to meet Antifa wherever they are at, we are in Indiana, we are active.”

We all arrived at the rendezvous point between 3 and 4pm. There grew to be about 15 of us. We distributed fliers and stickers around the campus around 3:30pm. When more activists started showing we all met back at Lot D to begin going over expectations and tactics of what was to occur at the game.
It was decided that no signs, banners, chants, salutes, or flags would be displayed until at least the second half of the game. The idea being that security would let its guard down, we could mingle with the crowd, and piece together where the most resistant would come from.

As we were all going through the main entrance to the game we were told that we could not display or flags and banners even though Antifa and the sodomites were displaying theirs. I had everyone put their paraphernalia back in the vehicles and we were able to enter the venue with no problem.

We did sit at the top of the bleachers but it was decided by me and another that we would sit next to the Antifa. The entire time, even when we were at the concessions, we were being recorded by Antifa. They encircled us the entire time with their phones out.

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We moved down the seats by Antifa, one of our comrades stayed up top (he was grilled for this later) and nothing really was going wrong. Antifa was being Antifa and displaying their anti-white flags and banners. I told my comrades not to do anything until my mark as we all agreed earlier. However two skinheads did start saluting and chanting to early and 30 police and security forces descended on us and escorted us out.

On our way out the national anthem started playing, this was right at 6:30 pm. We all stopped and we all did the National Socialist salute through the whole anthem. The security guards took our pictures and got some of our I.D.s while recording us the whole time. The whole event was over in about 30 minutes.

It went off half cocked. I will take full responsibility for this. I believe in the Leadership principal as all proper National Socialists do. If you're guys are not doing what they are supposed too, that is on you. I couldn't reign in a couple of skinheads and it cost us the demo. It was not a total failure as our presence will be burned in the back of Antifa's head. We proved that at least 10-15 men can be mobilized in the Indianapolis region and I have faith that with better planning and preparation we can do even better in the future, if not at a soccer game then at any other demo.

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I personally apologize to all of ya'll that did not get a refund for your ticket, and I my deepest and most sincere apologies to those who flew out and quit their jobs to be there. This was a dry run but we did make our presence known which is victory enough in my book for now.

We proved that the deck is stacked against us in both the public and private sector. The police would not allow us to do a flash demo on the campus, the campus would not let us exercise our free speech. Such is the fate of a Nationalist.

Legal action will not be take, it is simply not worth the time and the effort. We would not win a court hearing, they would literally say we beat up some poor college yuppie prat. We will return in one way or another. We have dox on all of Indy11's Antifa leadership. We know their names, though they don't know ours.

Legal action will also not be taken with the event in Charlottesville coming up, that is more important and all local projects must be put on hold for it.

Again, my sincerest apologies to you, my dear comrades who gave up a lot to be there. This is not over. I hope at the very least this event has fostered a new sense of brotherhood and fellowship. We can't win all the battles, and perhaps it is better we lost this as opposed to the upcoming event on August 12th.

I promise you all, my brothers, the next demonstration will be better, and we will win more there then we did here, the fact 15 of us showed up should be inspirational to us all, 10 years ago this would have been impossible.

The Hoosier Headhunters, Traditionalist Workers Party, and Confederate Blood and Honor, are not defeated. We will win!

Hail Victory!

-George Pierce

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so yea

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>want to go back

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If only you'd been able to get signs and banners in.

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This is why I typically don't enjoy skins, they have little discipline. Quick to act out and fight. Which of course has its place.

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It was still fun

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Its sour medicine but some people shouldnt be allowed to attend certain public gatherings. The one in mind is a good Goy, and I would want him to have my back in most situations... However, we were flagged by police right off the bat due to the excessive tattoos.

Without these there is a good chance we would have not been stopped at the entrance. One thing led into the next.

Im not sure if this Goy soluted because my eyes were on Antifa, but if he had, that only added to it.. Along with whoever else did.

Once we left, the choice of restaurant to regroup wasnt very good to begin with.. But in all honesty would have gone smoother had we not had an open display with us once more.

Once again, this is what I call sour medicine. Some in the group will have to take it and know that their attendance has its time and place, and that some events will need a level of subterfuge.

I apologize if Im out of line. Im new to the party but Ive been in contact with all involved long enough to give some input. It was all taken up with via Heimbach later that evening.

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Me and heimbach have talked about this sort of thing before. Working out a potential solution

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Anyone here ever played skyrim?

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I don't play anything much anymore

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This video is hilarious

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I remember similar when sneaking around d

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I love how they made the blood spray on the guys face like would actually happen irl

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You ever play oblivion?

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I played both Oblivion and Skyrim I think

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Both kinda cool, but I have a hard time sitting still sometimesb

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Those are pretty funny

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I played it like 4 years ago or so, assassin-ranger sort of character. Started building a homestead and once I got it finished, I realized the local steward was a redguard, and I'd be stuck with a negress chimping out in my house. Luckily my next quest was a Daedric demon demanding a blood sacrifice in the form of someone who trusted me. Problem solved itself rather nicely.

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Dawnguard would regularly send kill teams to my homestead and I'd just shoot them on my lawn and dump them in the lake behind the house. Other than that, a really idyllic place with the nigger gone and all.

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Also bought the lumber for the house from Hert whose husband I had murdered for the Dark Brotherhood by putting an arrow between his eyes when he stepped out of his cottage. Ton of fun, that game. Just haven't had the time or a computer for video in years.

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Dump them in the lake behind your house

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Yeah I mean, I had murdered Dawnguard's leadership and framed them for a few murders and shit, and they knew where I lived so it was like, who cares at that point, I just didn't want them ruining the view.

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I was also a vampire and they knew it and stuff.

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Meanwhile, in my game...
>join Dawnguard to genocide all vampires
>Serana is essential character

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Assassin ranger was ridiculously powerful, you could wipe the floor with dragon priests. Always liked sneaking assassin type characters, they were even more op in Fallout incidentally.

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Also the vampire thing, I got randomly bit in a cavern somewhere, and I discovered it made the assassination business even more easy so I just rolled with it.

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Never did fallout, I don't have ant new systems