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i want to make him proud

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I hesitate to speak on matters beyond my depth, but while remembering and working through grief are important, your child wants you to succeed and thrive more than you do.

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i'll make him proud

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i will give him brothers and sisters to come meet him one day

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I know it's probably not entirely sane, but I casually converse with my passed relatives as if they're all still with me as I go about my day. It's not even a grief thing for me, so much as rejecting the notion that one's passage means they're completely gone from my life and my inner world.

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That's some the dad from Dexter level stuff.

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> pushes his glasses up on his nose

Be sure to give your girl at least two cycles before going at it again unless she's in her mid-thirties or older. It takes a while for a woman to rebuild her nutrient levels to ensure the best possible gestation.

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she's 24

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I dont see anything wrong with that tbh

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Keep close to your woman too. This is a difficult and irrational time. People can easily drift apart.

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Ah. 24. I refuse to impregnate any concubine over 17, for maximum vitality.

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Good call Birdman.

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Two months ago, my first child was born. I've been through both a miscarriage and an abortion, neither of which I've truly gotten over. Some things you don't "get over," you just learn to work with.

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Long story on the abortion. Wife left me then found out she was pregnant after she left me. I only found out months later.

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My wife has PCOS so I assume I will have to deal with that pain. Yeah agreed though I have less life experience I have been through some shit. That's fucked.

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Very true, Colton. It's unfortunate when miscarriages happen, though they're a natural and unavoidable part of the greater plan. Ensuring that the trauma doesn't cause distance within the relationship is the first priority.

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You could end up blaming your wife or she could blame you in a vulnerable hurt psychological state.

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And then you'll resent each other and drift apart. It happens sadly.

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@☦Colton of Yore☦ My wife has PCOS as well. We've been through a miscarriage. It isn't easy that's for sure.

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It isn't like having a decent relationship with a woman is hard enough. God decided to test us further with the reality of our children dying.

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I had to wait until I was 35 before getting to finally have a child after all those false starts and setbacks. And when she struggled to breathe right after the delivery and needed support, my heart caved in on itself.

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Until science perfects disembodied robotic uteruses, we'll continue to have to deal with women.

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@Tarnfurt Memory Eternal for your baby. I know you're hurting and I can't even pretend I know how it feels. Honor their memory with siblings as you said. Live greatly for them.

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i will

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you folks have no idea how much it means to me seeing my brothers-in-arms share my grief

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pics of TWP in the gallery

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I really like the optics on this one.

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me too

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Antifa patrolling the crowd for signs of racism, patriarchy, and cisheteronormativity.

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Wish I was able to go. Looks like fun. Everyone is getting more uniformed up too. I like it.

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Those hats are nice. I say this hating hats.

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Events seem safe anymore. Cville made cops want to break out the big secure.

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Plus it probably is a money tactic. "We need more funding. There's nazis and commies occupying public space."