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2017-01-31 04:21:15 UTC  

At least with Ashkenazis, you basically can't have them in your country because they keep producing problems.

2017-01-31 04:21:21 UTC  

This time they have nukes too.

2017-01-31 04:21:32 UTC  

and Ashkenazis are like 90%+ of all Jews anyway

2017-01-31 04:21:37 UTC  

I will oppose them more and more aggressively until they stop. And if they can't stop, then so be it.

2017-01-31 04:22:51 UTC  

They'll never stop

2017-01-31 04:22:54 UTC  

It's wired behavior

2017-01-31 04:23:15 UTC  

non-Ashkenazis may not be a problem but the vast majority of kikes at bare minimum need to be isolated forcefully

2017-01-31 04:23:41 UTC  

It doesn't even matter of most of them aren't anti-white pieces of shit conciously, as I said they produce the problem

2017-01-31 04:23:49 UTC  

This goes for a lot of things too

2017-01-31 04:24:13 UTC  

Most blacks in South Africa aren't going around hacking white people to death, but the people who go around murdering Afrikaners on their farms are "produced" from the Bantu

2017-01-31 04:24:31 UTC  

Even the most dippy and useless Jew manifests the basic instincts.

2017-01-31 04:24:37 UTC  

Concentrated evil

2017-01-31 04:25:04 UTC  

and yeah whilst I said most for the concious ones, the generic normie kikes are going to at bare minimum with extremely few exceptions support policies that de-facto fuck over Europeans

2017-01-31 04:25:22 UTC  

It's just how the system is built right now, at least

2017-01-31 04:25:49 UTC  

They basically frame their holocaust shit real or imagined in opposition to our interests, the system does too, Jew or not.

2017-01-31 04:25:56 UTC  

The dim-witted Jew still have the same aversion to the wholesome, the same spite for Christianity and the White West, the same ingrained slave morality and spite for all that's healthy, strong, and vital.

2017-01-31 04:25:58 UTC  

and then beg we don't disrespect it

2017-01-31 04:26:03 UTC  

Jews are by nature against our nationalism.

2017-01-31 04:26:22 UTC  

Remember the fucking kike whining what a holocaust it was, evil Finns remember their veterans who HELPED HITLER?

2017-01-31 04:26:38 UTC  

Yes I remember wanting to kill

2017-01-31 04:27:02 UTC  

The only thing we had in mind was ovening every Anne Frank on sight, 100%.

2017-01-31 04:27:45 UTC  

Dr. Death did nothing wrong.

2017-01-31 04:27:46 UTC  


2017-01-31 04:28:00 UTC  

well to be fair Anne Frank died of typhus...that's literally official lol

2017-01-31 04:28:05 UTC  

they admit it

2017-01-31 04:28:56 UTC  

For a bit I actually thought you were talking about mengele

2017-01-31 04:29:30 UTC  

I do remember this

2017-01-31 04:29:55 UTC  

Lovable smile

2017-01-31 04:32:06 UTC

If I will ever look 10% this cool and kill 1% of the reds he did I can die happy.

2017-01-31 04:34:08 UTC  

1918/1920 white guard/freikorps proto RWDS aesthetic almost beats NS aesthetic, fight me

2017-01-31 04:34:27 UTC  

also italian hihg speed fascisms

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2017-01-31 04:35:13 UTC  

OG Hate Bus

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2017-01-31 04:35:30 UTC  

dude I got this Italian book on Fascist Italy a few days ago off ebay

2017-01-31 04:35:33 UTC  

Ride or die