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Wearing masks is illegal in Shelbyville...

10-227. Wearing masks. It shall be unlawful for any person to appear on
or in any public way or place while wearing any mask, device or hood whereby
any portion of the face is so hidden or covered as to conceal the identity of the
wearer. The following are exempted from the provisions of this section:
(1) Children under the age of ten (10) years.
(2) Workers while engaged in work wherein a face covering is
necessary for health and/or safety reasons.
(3) Persons wearing gas masks in civil defense drills and exercises or
(4) Any person having a special permit issued by the city manager to
wear a traditional holiday costume. (1979 code, § 10-235)

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I suggest everyone watch this movie:

It is about the ex-Legionary (Iron Guard) anti-communist partisans, who waged a guerrilla war against the commies well into the 50s (the movie is anti-communist).

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There is also this amazing documentary where a Finnish reporter interviewed ex anti-Soviet Estonian partisans just before the fall of the Soviet Union. Extremely touching documentary, how the old soldiers kept the struggle alive in the forest, decade after decade. One of the last Estonian anti communist partisans they killed in like 1980.

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Nice! I haven't ran across this film before. I'll definitely check it out.

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WWI monument lmao

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My brothers

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Looking good, gentlemen.

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I was exclaiming my pride after seeing the pics

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It was a white "myyy nigga"

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Those are great photos

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Thanks man. That was a good photographer. David Holloway.

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1488/1488 Fash Points

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I was thinking of an idea. I'd consider making a universal symbol for "I am not a police officer/Officer of the peace"

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It should function as a legal disclaimer, for legal protection, in case anyone wants to accuse one of impersonating police or military.

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It should have a .org domain, which explains the disclaimer.

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Gotta go back to work, i'll check in with your comments a little later. Thanks .

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@Kombat-Unit hey saw your EBM / noise posting from last night. Iove all that stuff

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Hate speech is my band btw

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Yeah it defo was not Hate Speech come to think of it

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Some obscure non-Finnish NS noise band.

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There were two foreign bands, rest were locals.

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@RexLexus Are you in a band? Have any links?

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I'm not so into power electronics, I only knew Pain Nail and Xenophobic Ejaculation of the bands playing.

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Sounds like a great show.

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Yeah, you saw the pics right? Don't get that every day.

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Just got the almost finished mix of the new HS. LWI is my good friends. Hate Speech is me and one of the dudes from LWI

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@Michael I will find links

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Hold on a minute, now this shit is starting to bother me, I need to dig up the band flyer.

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I even posted a bit of video of the concert a while back.