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It's true, at least 50% of the people shouting, trying to disrupt demos are drunk or high, and 100% of the people we've had to discipline

2017-01-29 03:17:12 UTC  

Jyväskylä trio was high on speed, and I heard in the court the junkie from Helsinki was high on subutex, benzos and alcohol.

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You cannot begin to comprehend the schadenfreude I felt when the kikes were forced to admit the guy was a total subhuman junkie after lionizing him for months and telling all the drug stuff was made up by lying nazis.

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In the states, our opposition are mostly college kids and the kid of people who hang out on campus despite not being in college.

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Wanna trade?

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Shit's gotten polarized here. Few are willing to start shit but those who do are crazy. You Americans don't know how privileged you are when actual self-defense hasn't been outlawed.

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Giga-jelly for Sacramento, if we could start punching holes into junkies attacking us, man, oh man.

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I'm half-hard just thinking about it.

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Sacto was incredible. And it could only happen in California because of the tight gun laws.

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I think the only thing that prevented earlier corpses are the fact we have to resort to bare fists.

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Or that KKK thing, Anaheim was it?

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In Middle America, the game is very different because it's perfectly legal to carry a pistol.

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Dope af

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Anaheim was awesome, too.

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In the States Torniainen would have moonwalked through the court.

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What's irritating is sometimes it plays out so that the nationalists end up being vetted and disarmed by the police while the antifa are not.

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Fucking hilarious though, I was in the court, even all the reporters burst out laughing out loud when the dead junkie's buddy starts telling subutex/buprenorphine is perfectly harmless and doesn't affect you in any way.

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>this is what reds actually believe

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Reminds me, wasn't Roof high on it when he shot up the church btw? Heard somethin like that.

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Suboxone, that was it.

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I don't know. I haven't heard that.

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Sorry, but yea.

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Well, that just makes his score all the more impressive. 😄

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Dunno how legit.

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Wasn't Breivik on something when he did the Utoya cleanup?

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Hell, he got a senator or something right? That's like triple points, at least.

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Not as far a I know.

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I wouldn't be surprised. Pills are a ubiquitous nuisance among our youth.

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I also remember reading that he meditated to remove his empathy or some shit

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Here it's the exact opposite, you won't get painkillers unless you're dying.

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That being something he claimed himself?

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So as consequence people score drugs they need from the street and end up in total junkie circles.

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That meditation shit might be true, but dunno.

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There aren't easy policy answers to all that. We need a complete reordering of society which uproots the junkie community, gives people something higher to strive for, and reintroduces the kind of general social accountability that used to be in place as a check against people just unraveling themselves.

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Filth, street, rain, wash, etc.

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When Rockwell wrote about "Spiritual Syphilis" in White Power, he was as right as a man can be.