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2017-12-05 22:58:34 UTC  

True Spirit Chief

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Hey Matt have you ever written anything yet? Like are you going to complile a book

2017-12-05 22:59:40 UTC  

yeah im about 100 pages into my book

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2017-12-05 22:59:49 UTC  

Is it like a My Awakening Book

2017-12-05 22:59:52 UTC  

like Dukes

2017-12-05 22:59:54 UTC  

along those lines

2017-12-05 23:00:00 UTC  

the eternal book writing process

2017-12-05 23:00:37 UTC  

"Gonna be the next Mein Kampf there? Got a lot about ideology, hmm? Lots of plans for the future of geopolitics eh? Been talking about this for three years there Heimbach"

2017-12-05 23:00:40 UTC  

Heimbach you know whats very interesting and Ive done alot of reading about Maryland History

2017-12-05 23:00:49 UTC  

is that the Psychological occupation

2017-12-05 23:00:52 UTC  

never ended really

2017-12-05 23:01:09 UTC  

I need the Damigo being thrown off the roof meme plZ

2017-12-05 23:01:14 UTC  

which i think is how DC was able to push its power so much there

2017-12-05 23:01:20 UTC  

@MatthewHeimbach is there any way that a #heimbowl_strolls channel could be added in here so we don't spam up general?

2017-12-05 23:01:26 UTC  

@AltCelt(IL) one sec fam

2017-12-05 23:01:38 UTC

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Also casey if possible

2017-12-05 23:02:01 UTC  

I remember reading about and watching Heimbach on /pol/ in the white student union days

2017-12-05 23:02:03 UTC  

This was one problem Southern Nationalists had in 1861 and in 1961 as well

2017-12-05 23:02:15 UTC  

Those hordes of leftists swarming around him as he stands his ground

2017-12-05 23:02:17 UTC  

the worst outrages as a result of freeing Niggers took a long time to come

2017-12-05 23:02:22 UTC

2017-12-05 23:02:24 UTC  

It wasnt overnight

2017-12-05 23:02:31 UTC  

it was a slow creep

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2017-12-05 23:03:02 UTC  

Even when Rockwell was doing his marches in the 1960's

2017-12-05 23:03:11 UTC  

the idea that there would be in the future

2017-12-05 23:03:20 UTC  

had you said that people would have laughed at you

2017-12-05 23:03:24 UTC  

called you an alarmist

2017-12-05 23:03:38 UTC  

because in 1963 when Rockwell was marching the idea something like that COULD happen

2017-12-05 23:03:42 UTC  

was unfathomable

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2017-12-05 23:04:10 UTC  

everything we say comes true

2017-12-05 23:04:14 UTC  

it just takes awhile

2017-12-05 23:04:59 UTC  

David Duke was talking about the Mexican issue and some on the Islamic Issue in the 70's

2017-12-05 23:05:14 UTC  

it got here it just took 25 yrs to get bad enough

2017-12-05 23:05:32 UTC  

itd be a whole lto easier if it all happened quickly

2017-12-05 23:06:03 UTC  

even pierce back in 1999 preaching to the choir, shit still hadn't gotten as bad as now